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All pages
Access to Digital LibrariesAdministration weekly meetingsAllocations de chomage
Anders Rehan PatternApplication ScenarioArena time slots
AutoMoDe Arena ExperimentsAvailable commercial softwareBackup Server
BatteriesCloning a Debian serverCollective decisions
Coming paper submissionsComparisonCompile Aseba under Mac OS X
Compiling ODE, KODEX, and MISSConcordeConformational Switching
Connect to the robot gctronic board via minicomController factory.cppConventions for Bibtex labels
Creating your own home pageDemiurge Writing PapersDesktop computers
Development ServerDi-fusionDifferent modes of shaking
Dipole wordsDynamics of self-assemblyE-Puck status
E-PucksECTS formation doctoraleEmbed Fonts in your PDFs
EquivalenceFfmpegFootbot/Real robot information
For students visiting IRIDIAFundingGet all the files you need
Getting started for DemiurgeGo straight controller.cppGo straight controller.h
Ground SensorsHOWTO Use Fixed IP for the S-bots in IRDIA
Handbot/Real robot informationHandbot: Current DesignHistory Alexandre Campo
History Anders Lyhne ChristensenHistory Christos AmpatzisHistory Halva
History Krzysztof SochaHistory Marco A. Montes de OcaHistory Max Manfrin
History Prasanna BalaprakashHistory Rehan O'GradyHistory Roderich Gross
History Vito TrianniHow to avoid damage to the s-botHow to cite
How to configure login without password and distributed controlHow to connect to the robots via bluetooth and upload a file
How to run your code for 2 CPU-seconds
How to use the real e-pucks with AsebaHowto create new svn reposHumanitarian demining
IRIDIA SeminarsIRIDIA Technical reportsIRIDIA cluster architecture
IRIDIA cluster backup filesIRIDIA cluster installationIRIDIA cluster installing an OS on the servers
IRIDIA cluster installing cluster softwareIRIDIA cluster installing nodes with disksIRIDIA cluster installing the diskless nodes
IRIDIA cluster maintenanceIRIDIA cluster server daemonsIRIDIA cluster the boot process
IRIDIA cluster todoInformation for administratorsInfrastructure
Install the toolchainInsurance while travelling abroadInternship report of Helena Caminal
Iridia BackupIridia Supplementary Information Instructions pageKilobots
Lab responsibilitiesLaser CutterLibsboteye
LogosMISS Meeting 2005-04-01
Main PageMain Page TestMoving to Brussels
Neural Network TutorialsNew yearOMiss - The ODE based simulator
Old Backup System (Halva's rdiff system)Old newsOptimization Group Meetings
Optimization conferences and journalsOvero Camera v2
PROJ-H-402 - Computing Project: List of ProjectsPROJ-H-402 - Computing Project: Rules
PaperEPucksParallel self-assembling systems review paperParticle Swarm Optimization - Scholarpedia Draft
PhDSupervision:Alessandro StranieriPhDSupervision:Andreagiovanni Reina
PhDSupervision:Brutschy ArnePhDSupervision:Carlo PinciroliPhDSupervision:Dhananjay Ipparthi
PhDSupervision:Dhananjay Ipparthi/Table of contentsPhDSupervision:Ferrante EliseoPhDSupervision:Francesca Gianpiero
PhDSupervision:Gabriele ValentiniPhDSupervision:Gianpiero FrancescaPhDSupervision:Liao Tianjun
PhDSupervision:Manuele BrambillaPhDSupervision:MarcoTrabattoniPhDSupervision:Miletitch Roman
PhDSupervision:Moreira de Oliveira SabrinaPhDSupervision:Nithin MathewsPhDSupervision:Students
PhDSupervision:VolkerStrobelPhoto VideoPlan Alexandre Campo
Plan Anders Lyhne ChristensenPlan Christos AmpatzisPlan Krzysztof Socha
Plan Marco A. Montes de OcaPlan Max ManfrinPlan Prasanna Balaprakash
Plan Rehan O'GradyPlan Roderich GrossPlan Vito Trianni
PostDocsSupervision:OGrady RehanPostDocsSupervision:Pace MichelePosters
Previous MEETROBOT2008 meetingsPrevious MEETROBOT meetingsPrevious Optimization meetings
Previous administration meetingProceedingsRepositoryProof-of-X
Proximity SensorsQuick Git HowToR and 3D plots
Range and BearingRepository of R scripts used by IRIDIA members
Repository of scripts used by IRIDIA membersRobot labs around the WorldRobot work in progress
Robotic ArenaRobotics GroupRobotics Group News
Robotics Group ProjectsRobotics Technical MeetingsRobotics and AI conferences, journals and impact factors
Robotics weekly meetingsRobotsSBOT FAQ
SBOT STATUSSBOT hardware disassemblySBot Disassembly and Reassembly HOWTO
SRSPSbot Common InterfaceSbot Common Repository
Sbot scriptsScenario suggestionsSchedule for Synthetic Reproductive Systems Review Paper
ShakersSmall Video Processing GuideSoftware HOWTOs
StudentsIRIDIAStudy of yield predictions of a self-assembling system - extendedSupervision:PostDocsSupervision
Surviving in BrusselsTAM/HardwareTAM/Publications
TAM/StatusTable of contentsTask Abstraction Module
Test PageThe ODE based simulatorThe new simulator
Theory of incompatible substructure problemThings I'm taking to MPI
Tmp Rehan Lithuania PresentationsTracking SystemTroubleshooting
Tuning your algorithm with irace on the IRIDIA clusterTutorials and links about C, R, LateX and bash (unix)
UnemploymentUniversity AdministrationUse of a external agent to break incompatible substructures
Using the IRIDIA ClusterUsing the IRIDIA Experimental roomVolker - Comments of Marco, Yasu, Gaetan, and Ken
Volker Ideas ProposalVolker LiteratureWERCHTER2006
What you need to begin to work in IRIDIAWheels
Working lateWorkshopWorkstation configuration
Write Better EnglishYear 1Year 1: Feb 2012 - Feb 2013
Year 2: Feb 2013 - Feb 2014Year 3: Feb 2014 - Feb 2015Year 4: Feb 2015 - Feb 2016
Year 5: Feb 2016 - Feb 2017
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