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This page contains information on how to stop the cluster and on what files to backup before reinstalling everything.

Stopping the current operation

Log on to majorana as root, do a qstat to see if anyone is using the cluster, if not stop the Sun Grid Engine (SGE):

/etc/init.d/rc.d/sge stop

Check if there is any mail on the servers (/var/spool/mail)

Backing up important files

If there are any MySQL database running on one of the servers back it up using mysqldump, e.g.:

mysqldump --allow-keywords --all-databases -u root -p > mysqldbbackup.txt

Backup the follow directories from majorana:

/home                    (Users' home directories)
/etc                     (User passwords, conf files for NIS, NFS, ..) 
/usr/local/sge           (Sun Grid Engine)
/usr/lib/fai             (Fully automated installation)
/usr/share/fai           (Fully automated installation)
/usr/local/share/fai     (Fully automated installation)
/root                    (Scripts etc.)

Backup the following directories from polyphemus:

/etc                     (Misc configuration files)
/var/www/ganglia         (Ganglia Web frontend)  
/root/flexlmd            (FlexLM license manager files)
/var/flexlm              (More FlexLM)
/etc/init.d/flexlmd      (More FlexLM)
/etc/rc*/*80flexlmd      (More FlexLM)
/etc/flexlm              (More FlexLM)
/root                    (Scripts etc.)

Backup the following directories from one diskless node and one rack node:


Note: Some directories you can simply tar and compress, while that might take a bit too long/too much space for the home directories. In those cases rsync can prove useful.

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