Dynamics of self-assembly

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  • Computer vision
  • Single component motion characterisation [collaboration with KIST-EU]
    • Preliminary analysis
      • FFT plot
      • Velocity profile [Maxwell-Boltzman distribution]
      • Diffusion analysis
    • Todo - 3000 seconds of data [minimum]
  • Experiments to test the dynamics
    • Modes of shaking
      • Orbital motion
      • Linear motion
      • Orbital with random kicks
    • Speeds of shaking
      • Starting speed: speed at which components start to move
      • Increments of speed: 25 rpm
      • Max speed: speed at which substructures start to break, max speed of shaker, or speed at which tracking is faulty?
    • Shapes of containers
      • Triangular
      • Square
      • Circular
    • Presence of 'catalysts'
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