ANTS 2012 - Eighth International Conference on Swarm Intelligence
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Conference Program

The conference will take place from September 12 to September 14 at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Click here for a map of room locations.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

8:00 Registration
09:00-09:30 Welcome
09:30-10:30 Invited Talk:
Ants, Bees and Brains
      by Prof. Nigel R. Franks
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 Session 1: Oral Presentations
  Chair: Vito Trianni
  • 11:00 - ABC-Miner: an Ant-based Bayesian Classification Algorithm
    Khalid Salama, Alex Freitas

  • 11:30 - Multi-armed Bandit Formulation of the Task Partitioning Problem in Swarm Robotics
    Giovanni Pini, Arne Brutschy, Gianpiero Francesca, Marco Dorigo, Mauro Birattari

  • 12:00 - Measuring Diversity in the Cooperative Particle Swarm Optimizer
    Adiel Ismail, Andries P. Engelbrecht

12:30-14:45 Free time for lunch
14:45-15:15 Session 2: Oral Presentations
  Chair: Roderich Gross
  • 14:45 - Task Partitioning via Ant Colony Optimization for Distributed Assembly
    James Worcester, M. Ani Hsieh

15:15-16:00 Session 3: Preview Highlights
  • Swarm Interpolation Using an Approximate Chebyshev Distribution
    Joshua Kirby, Marco A. Montes de Oca, Steven Senger, Louis F. Rossi, Chien-Chung Shen

  • A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for the Open Vehicle Routing Problem
    Yannis Marinakis, Magdalene Marinaki

  • Analysis of Ant-Based Routing with Wireless Medium Access Control
    Rui Fang, Zequn Huang, Louis F. Rossi, Chien-Chung Shen

  • Probabilistic Stochastic Diffusion Search
    Mahamed Omran, Ayed Salman

  • Fuzzy-Based Aggregation with a Mobile Robot Swarm
    Farshad Arvin, Ali Emre Turgut, Shigang Yue

  • A Self-adaptive Heterogeneous PSO Inspired by Ants
    Filipe Vieira Nepomuceno, Andries P. Engelbrecht

  • Clustering Moodle Data via Ant Colony Optimization
    Päivi Hanne-Marie Suomalainen

  • Self-organized Clustering of Square Objects by Multiple Robots
    Yong Song, Jung-Hwan Kim, Dylan Shell

  • Continuous Trait-Based Particle Swarm Optimisation (CTB-PSO)
    Ed Keedwell, Mark Morley, Darren Croft

16:00-18:00 Poster Session: Papers and previews presented in Sessions 1, 2, and 3 (coffee served at 16:30)
18:15 Meeting at conference location - We walk to the dinner together
19:00 Conference dinner

Thursday, September 13, 2012

09:30-10:30 Invited Talk:
Architectures, abstractions, and algorithms for large teams of robots
      by Prof. Vijay Kumar
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 Session 4: Oral Presentations
  Chair: Rehan O'Grady
  • 11:00 - A Particle Swarm Embedding Algorithm for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
    Oliver Kramer

  • 11:30 - Self-reconfigurable Modular e-pucks
    Lachlan Murray, Jon Timmis, Andy Tyrrell

  • 12:00 - Automatic Generation of Multi-objective ACO Algorithms for the Bi-objective Knapsack
    Leonardo César Teonácio Bezerra, Manuel López-Ibáñez, Thomas Stützle

12:30-14:30 Free time for lunch
14:30-15:30 Session 5: Oral Presentations
  Chair: Manuel López-Ibáñez
  • 14:30 - Introducing Novelty Search in Evolutionary Swarm Robotics
    Jorge Gomes, Paulo Urbano, Anders Lyhne Christensen

  • 15:00 - The Self-adaptive Comprehensive Learning Particle Swarm Optimizer
    Adiel Ismail, Andries P. Engelbrecht

15:30-16:00 Session 6: Preview Highlights
  • AcoSeeD: an Ant Colony Optimization for Finding Optimal Spaced Seeds in Biological Sequence Search
    Dong Do Duc, Dinh Quang Huy, Dang Thanh Hai, Hoang Xuan Huan

  • Collision-Induced "Priority Rule" Governs Efficiency of Pheromone-Communicating Swarm Robots
    Ryusuke Fujisawa, Shigeto Dobata, Yuuta Sasaki, Riku Takisawa, Fumitoshi Matsuno

  • Exploring Different Functions for Heuristics, Discretization, and Rule Quality Evaluation in Ant-Miner
    Khalid Salama, Fernando Otero

  • Dynamic Load Balancing Inspired by Cemetery Formation in Ant Colonies
    Ronald Klazar, Andries P. Engelbrecht

  • Mobbing Behavior and Deceit and its role in Bio-inspired Autonomous Robotic Agents
    Justin Eric Davis, Ronald C. Arkin

  • Improving Peer Review with ACORN: ACO Algorithm for Reviewer's Network
    Mark Christopher Flynn, Melanie Moses

  • Performance of Bacterial Foraging Optimization in Dynamic Environments
    Jade Zoë Abbott, Andries P. Engelbrecht

  • Self-reproduction versus Transition Rules in Ant Colonies for Medical Volume Segmentation
    Robert Haase, Hans-Joachim Böhme, Rosalind Perrin, Klaus Zöphel, Nasreddin Abolmaali

  • Maturity of the Particle Swarm as a Metric for Measuring the Particle Swarm Intelligence
    Zdenka Winklerová

  • A "Thermodynamic" Approach to Multi-Robot Cooperative Localization with Noisy Sensors
    Yotam Elor, Alfred Bruckstein

16:00-18:00 Poster Session: Papers and previews presented in Sessions 4, 5, and 6 (coffee served at 16:30)

Friday, September 14, 2012

09:30-10:30 Invited Talk:
Towards Simulating the Foundations of Society
      by Prof. Dirk Helbing
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 Session 7: Oral Presentations
  Chair: Michele Pace
  • 11:00 - Hybrid Algorithms for the Minimium-weight Rooted Arborescence Problem
    Sergi Mateo, Christian Blum, Pascal Fua, Engin Türetgen

  • 11:30 - Analysing Robot Swarm Decision-making with Bio-PEPA
    Mieke Massink, Manuele Brambilla, Diego Latella, Marco Dorigo, Mauro Birattari

  • 12:00 - Scalability Study of Particle Swarm Optimizers in Dynamic Environments
    Barend Jacobus Leonard, Andries P. Engelbrecht

12:30-14:30 Free time for lunch
14:30-15:30 Session 8: Oral Presentations
  Chair: Christian Blum
  • 14:30 - Towards Swarm Calculus: Universal Properties of Swarm Performance and Collective Decisions
    Heiko Hamann

  • 15:00 - Improving the cAnt-MinerPB Classification Algorithm
    Matthew Medland, Fernando E. B. Otero, Alex A. Freitas

15:30-16:00 Session 9: Preview Highlights
  • Using MOPSO to Solve Multiobjective Bilevel Linear Problems
    Maria João Alves

  • Formica ex Machina: Ant Swarm Foraging From Physical to Virtual and Back Again
    Joshua Peter Hecker, Kenneth Letendre, Karl Stolleis, Daniel Washington, Melanie E. Moses

  • Multi-objective Firefly Algorithm for Energy Optimization in Grid Environments
    María Arsuaga-Ríos, Miguel A. Vega-Rodríguez

  • Learning Finite-state Machines with Ant Colony Optimization
    Daniil Chivilikhin, Vladimir Ulyantsev

  • Piecewise Linear Approximation of unknown n-Dimensional Parametric Curves using Particle Swarms
    Christopher Wesley Cleghorn, Andries P. Engelbrecht

  • Ant-based Approaches for Solving Autocorrelation Problems
    Ilias S. Kotsireas, Konstantinos E. Parsopoulos, Grigorios S. Piperagkas, Michael N. Vrahatis

  • Particle Swarm Optimization with Random Sampling in Variable Neighbourhoods for solving Global Minimization Problems
    Gonzalo Nápoles, Isel Grau

16:00-18:00 Poster Session: Papers and previews presented in Sessions 7, 8, and 9 (coffee served at 16:30)
18:00-18:30 Award Ceremony
18:30 End and Goodbye Drink