Vol. 6234
ANTS 2010
Seventh International Conference
on Swarm Intelligence
September 8-10, 2010. Brussels, Belgium
With gracious support by:
Wolfram Research
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Conference Program

The conference will take place from September 8 to September 10 at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Click here for a map of room locations.

Wednesday, 8th September 2010

08:00 Registration

09:00-09:30 Introductory Remarks

09:30-10:30 Invited Talk:  Locating and tracking multiple optima using particle swarm optimization by Andries Engelbrecht

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 Session 1: Oral Presentations

  • 11:00 Antbots: A feasible visual emulation of pheromone trails for swarm robots
    Ralf Mayet, Jonathan Roberz, Thomas Schmickl, and Karl Crailsheim

  • 11:30 Self-organized Task Partitioning in a Swarm of Robots
    Marco Frison, Nam-Luc Tran, Nadir Baiboun, Arne Brutschy, Giovanni Pini, Andrea Roli, Marco Dorigo, and Mauro Birattari

  • 12:00 A Robotic Validation of the Attractive Field Model: An Inter-Disciplinary Model of Self-Regulatory Social Systems
    Md Omar Faruque Sarker and Torbjørn S. Dahl

12:30-14:00 Free time for lunch

14:00-15:00 Session 2: Oral Presentations

  • 14:00 Slime Mold Inspired Path Formation Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
    Ke Li, Kyle Thomas, Claudio Torres, Louis Rossi, and Chien-Chung Shen

  • 14:30 Positional Communication and Private Information in Honeybee Foraging Models
    Peter Bailis, Radhika Nagpal, and Justin Werfel

15:00-16:00 Session 3: Preview Highlights

  • A Cooperative Network Game Efficiently Solved via an Ant Colony Optimization Approach
    Pablo Romero, Franco Robledo, Pablo Rodríguez-Bocca, Darío Padula, and María Elisa Bertinat

  • A Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for the Best Low Multilinear Rank Approximation of Higher-Order Tensors
    Pierre B. Borckmans, Mariya Ishteva, and Pierre-Antoine Absil

  • A Thermodynamic Approach to the Analysis of Multi-Robot Cooperative Localization Under Independent Errors
    Yotam Elor and Alfred M. Bruckstein

  • ACOPHY: A simple and general Ant Colony Optimization approach for phylogenetic reconstruction
    Huy Q. Dinh, Bui Quang Minh, Hoang Xuan Huan, and Arndt von Haeseler

  • ACS searching for D 4t -Hadamard matrices
    Víctor Álvarez, José Andrés Armario, María Dolores Frau, Félix Gudiel, Belén Güemes, Elena Martín, and Amparo Osuna

  • An alternative ACO_R algorithm for continuous optimization problems
    Guillermo Leguizamón and Carlos A. Coello Coello

  • An Efficient Optimization Method for Revealing Local Optima of Projection Pursuit Indices
    Souad Larabi Marie-Sainte, Alain Berro, and Anne Ruiz-Gazen

  • Ant based semi-supervised classification
    Anindya Halder, Susmita Ghosh, and Ashish Ghosh

  • Ant Colony Extended: Search in solution spaces with a countably infinite number of solutions.
    Jose B. Escario, Juan F. Jimenez, and Jose M. Giron-Sierra

  • Automatic Configuration of Multi-Objective ACO algorithms
    Manuel López-Ibáñez and Thomas Stützle

  • Automatic Generation of Optimised Working Time Models in Personnel Planning
    Volker Nissen and Maik Günther

  • Automatic Parameter Configuration of Particle Swarm Optimization by Classification of Function Features
    Tjorben Bogon, Georgios Poursanidis, Andreas D. Lattner, and Ingo J. Timm

  • Autonomous Multi-Agent Cycle Based Patrolling
    Yotam Elor and Alfred M. Bruckstein

  • Bee-Sensor: A Step Towards Meta-Routing Strategies in Hybrid Ad Hoc Networks
    Israr Ullah, Muhammad Saleem, and Muddassar Farooq

  • Constructing Low-cost Swarm Robots that March in Column Formation
    Asuki Kouno, Shigeru Takano, and Einoshin Suzuki

  • A Deterministic Metaheuristic Approach Using “Logistic Ants” for Combinatorial Optimization
    Rodolphe Charrier, Christine Bourjot, and Francois Charpillet

  • Early-Stage Diagnosis of Endogenous Diseases by Swarms of Nanobots: An Applicative Scenario
    Paolo Amato, Massimo Masserini, Giancarlo Mauri, and Gianfranco Cerofolini

  • EDA-PSO: a hybrid paradigm combining Estimation of Distribution Algorithms and Particle Swarm optimization
    Endika Bengoetxea and Pedro Larrañaga

  • Effect of Particle Initialization on the Performance of Particle Swarm Niching Algorithms
    Isabella Schoeman and Andries Engelbrecht

  • Emergent Flocking with Low-End Swarm Robots
    Christoph Moeslinger, Thomas Schmickl, and Karl Crailsheim

  • Exploiting Loose Horizontal Coupling in Evolutionary Swarm Robotics
    Jennifer Owen, Susan Stepney, Jonathan Timmis, and Alan F.T. Winfield

  • Extensions to the Ant-Miner Classification Rule Discovery Algorithm
    Khalid M. Salama and Ashraf M. Abdelbar

  • Formal Verification of Probabilistic Robot Swarm Behaviours
    Savas Konur, Clare Dixon, and Michael Fisher

16:00-18:00 Poster Session: Papers and previews presented in Sessions 1, 2, and 3

18:15 Meeting at conference location - We walk to the dinner together

19:00 Conference dinner - program in pdf

Thursday, 9th September 2010

09:30-10:30 Invited Talk:  Emergent coordination in fish schools and human crowds by Guy Theraulaz

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:30 Session 4: Oral Presentations

  • 11:00 Theoretical Properties of Two ACO Approaches for the Traveling Salesman Problem
    Timo Kötzing, Frank Neumann, Heiko Röglin, and Carsten Witt

  • 11:30 Solving the Multi-dimensional Multi-choice Knapsack Problem with the help of Ants
    Shahrear Iqbal, Md Faizul Bari, and M. Sohel Rahman

  • 12:00 Ant Colony Optimisation for Ligand Docking
    Oliver Korb and Jason Cole

12:30-14:00 Free time for lunch

14:00-15:00 Session 5: Oral Presentations

  • 14:00 Rank based Particle Swarm Optimization
    Affan Khan, Muhammad Sadeequllah, Riaz-ul-Hasnain, and Azzam-ul-Asar

  • 14:30 Multi-Swarm Optimization for Dynamic Combinatorial Problems: A case study on Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem
    Mostepha R. Khouadjia, Enrique Alba, Laetitia Jourdan, and El-Ghazali Talbi

15:00-16:00 Session 6: Preview Highlights

  • Heterogeneous Particle Swarm Optimization
    Andreis P. Engelbrecht

  • How Ant Systems can help in Management of pH for Industrial Wastewater Discharges
    Marta Verdaguer, Jordi Giró, Narcís Clara, and Manel Poch

  • Hybrid Metaheuristic Combining Ant Colony Optimization and H-method
    Leonid Hulianytskyi and Sergii Sirenko

  • Increasing Individual Density Reduces Extra-variance in Swarm Intelligence
    Ryusuke Fujisawa, Shigeto Dobata, and Fumitoshi Matsuno

  • Inverse Modeling in Geoenvironmental Engineering Using a Novel Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
    Tadikonda Venkata Bharat and Jitendra Sharma

  • A Model Based Ant Colony Design for the Protein Engineering Problems
    Matteo Borrotti, Davide De Lucrezia, Giovanni Minervini, and Irene Poli

  • Modern Continuous Optimization Algorithms for Tuning Real and Integer Algorithm Parameters
    Zhi Yuan, Marco A. Montes de Oca, Mauro Birattari, and Thomas Stuetzle

  • Motif Finding Using Ant Colony Optimization
    Salim Bouamama, Abdellah Boukerram, and Amer F. Al-Badarneh

  • Multi-Agent Deployment on a Ring Graph
    Yotam Elor and Alfred M. Bruckstein

  • Multiple Ant Colony System for Substructure Discovery
    Oscar Cordón, Arnaud Quirin, and Rocío Romero-Zali

  • Off-line vs. On-line tuning: A study on Max-Min Ant System for the TSP
    Paola Pellegrini, Thomas Stützle, and Mauro Birattari

  • On Possible Connections between Ant Algorithms and Random Matrix Theory
    Carlo Mastroianni

  • Opportunistic Ant-Based Path Management for Wireless Mesh Networks
    Laurent Paquereau and Bjarne E. Helvik

  • Particle Swarm Optimization of Bollinger Bands
    Matthew Butler and Dimitar Kazakov

  • Parallel Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm on a Multi-core Processor
    Shigeyoshi Tsutsui and Noriyuki Fujimoto

  • Particle Swarm Optimization in High Dimensional Spaces
    Juan L. Fernández-Martínez, Tapan Mukerji, and Esperanza García-Gonzalo

  • Protein Structure Prediction in Lattice Models with Particle Swarm Optimization
    Andrei Bautu and Henri Luchian

  • Short and Robust Communication Paths in Dynamic Wireless Networks
    Yoann Pigné and Frédéric Guinand

  • Soft variable fixing in path relinking: An application to ACO codes
    Antonio Bolufé Röhler, Marco A. Boschetti, and Vittorio Maniezzo

  • The Complexity of Grid Coverage by Swarm Robotics
    Yaniv Altshuler and Alfred M. Bruckstein

  • The ACO Encoding
    Alberto Moraglio, Fernando E. B. Otero, and Colin G. Johnson

  • The Design of an Active Structural Vibration Reduction System Using a Modified Particle Swarm Optimization
    Adam Schmidt

  • Training Randomly Connected, Recurrent Artificial Neural Networks Using PSO
    Vytautas Jancauskas

16:00-18:30 Poster Session: Papers and previews presented in Sessions 4, 5, and 6

Friday, 10th September 2010

09:00-10:00 Invited Talk:  Self-Reconfigurable Robots, Digital Hormones, and Swarm Morphallaxis by Wei-Min Shen

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-12:00 Special session on Morphogenetic Engineering: Oral Presentations
Special session chairs: René Doursat and Hiroki Sayama

  • 10:30 Autonomous morphogenesis in self-assembling robots using IR-based sensing and local communications
    Wenguo Liu and Alan F.T. Winfield

  • 11:00 Biologically Realistic Primitives for Engineered Morphogenesis
    Justin Werfel

  • 11:30 Functional Blueprints: An Approach to Modularity in Grown Systems
    Jacob Beal

12:00-13:30 Free time for lunch

13:30-14:30 Special session on Swarmanoid: Oral Presentations
Special session chair: Dario Floreano

  • 13:30 Evolution of self-organized path formation in a swarm of robots
    Valerio Sperati, Vito Trianni, and Stefano Nolfi

  • 14:00 Opinion Dynamics for Decentralized Decision-Making in a Robot Swarm
    Marco A. Montes de Oca, Eliseo Ferrante, Nithin Mathews, Mauro Birattari, and Marco Dorigo

14:30-14:45 Special session on Morphogenetic Engineering: Preview Highlights
Special session chairs: René Doursat and Hiroki Sayama

  • Evaluating the Robustness of Activator-Inhibitor Models for Cluster Head Computation
    Lidia Yamamoto and Daniele Miorandi

  • Genetic Encoding of Robot Metamorphosis: How to Evolve a Glider with a Genetic Regulatory Network
    Anne C. van Rossum

  • A Graph-based Developmental Swarm Representation and Algorithm
    Sebastian von Mammen, David Phillips, Timothy Davison, and Christian Jacob

14:45-15:00 Special session on Swarmanoid: Preview Highlights
Special session chair: Dario Floreano

  • Coordinating Heterogeneous Swarms Through Minimal Communication Among Homogeneous Sub-Swarms
    Carlo Pinciroli, Rehan O’Grady, Anders L. Christensen, and Marco Dorigo

  • Cooperation in a Heterogeneous Robot Swarm through Spatially Targeted Communication
    Nithin Mathews, Anders L. Christensen, Rehan O’Grady, and Marco Dorigo

  • Energy Efficient Swarm Deployment for search in Unknown Environments
    Timothy Stirling and Dario Floreano

  • Look out!: Socially-Mediated Obstacle Avoidance in Collective Transport
    Eliseo Ferrante, Manuele Brambilla, Mauro Birattari, and Marco Dorigo

  • Mobile stigmergic markers for navigation in a heterogeneous robotic swarm
    Frederick Ducatelle, Gianni Di Caro, Alexander Förster, and Luca M. Gambardella

15:00-16:30 Poster Session: Papers and previews presented in the special sessions - Coffee served

16:30 End

Note: presentations in grey will not be given.