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Wednesday 2nd November - Rehan


  1. IRIDIA Admin
    • Coffee Machine
    • New Wiki Pages
    • Next week...
  2. Presentation / Discussion
    • What is robotic pattern formation?
    • Potential applications using the Swarm Bot robotic platform
    • Discussion / feedback on my research direction
  3. Robotics Group Admin
    • Sbot / Simulator programmatic interfaces
    • Buying a computer+flatscreen for the robot room (or taking one that is not used)
    • Any spare monitor for Rodi?

Location Ping pong room

Reading Material

  • There is no reading material for this weeks presentation

People who will be absent

Elio, Thomas


Download Presentation (PDF)

  • Coffee machine: Various options available. Ciro is taking care of calling the people in charge of the ULB expresso machine deal.
  • New wiki pages:
  • Career developement plans online: Alex is going to propose a technology for the next meeting, which allows us to have up-to-date career development plans online, but only accessible by the student in question and his/her supervisor.
  • Arena camera: Federico is going to look into camera software and hardware for next weeks meeting (for the arena, since the movies shot with the current camera are of poor quality.
  • OMiss with 2D dynamics: We all believe that having the OMiss work with a 2D dynamics engine as well as ODE would be a good idea for many experiments. It might take too much time to implement though and no one seemed too keen on actually implementing it. We will see at the next meeting.

Wednesday 26th October - Anders

Presentation / Discussion Topics

Dependability and fault-tolerance in Robotics:

  • What is fault-tolerance and dependability?
  • What has been done in robotics?
  • How could fault tolerance be implemented in a swarm robotics context?

Administration Issues

  • Coffee machine
  • New documents on the Wiki.
  • Next week...
  • The new e-pucks
  • Simulators and swarm-bot interfaces

People who will be absent

Elio, Rodi, Christos


Download Presentation(PDF)

  • General: The topics on the agenda, which are of general interest are moved to the beginning of the meeting, so that non-robotics people can attend at a fixed hour each week.
  • Coffee machine:
    • Marco buys a new one when he comes across a good, new coffee machine (suggestions are very welcome)
    • Mauro is in charge of sending the current, broken machine to someone who can repair it.
  • New Wiki-pages:
  • Wiki security: For certain parts of the Wiki it would be convenient to have access control, so that only people from IRIDIA can access those pages. Anders will look into that.
  • E-pucks: All the available info on the e-pucks will be put on the Wiki.
  • Sbot/simulator interfaces: Rehan is going to create a repository for the common sbot interface and it is going to be implemented in TwoDee.
  • OMiss simulator: Rehan is going to create a Wiki page on checking out and compiling OMiss (the new simulator based on ODE).

Wednesday 19th October 2005 - Alexandre

Presentation / Discussion Topics

The main topic is optimal multi-foraging in swarm robotics.

  • I will present my latest developments and results
  • Go again through goals, motivations and bibliography (renewed).
  • Discussion about the context of this work, possible applications ?
  • I might present, if there is time left, my next experiment.

You can take a look at this very quick summary of my current research :

Administration Issues

  • Coffee machines
  • Format of these meetings
  • Standard programatic interface for simulators / real sbots.

People who will be absent



You can download a copy of Alex's presentation

  • The optimization group will have their own weekly presentations, but the will invite robotics people to participate, just like the swarm-bots presentations are open to optimization people. Seminars will continue as always and presentations might be given both at weekly meetings and at seminars.
  • Anders brings his coffee machine to test it. In case it pass the Italian test, we will buy one while the super-machine is being fixed.
  • Simulators and a standard interface for simulators:
    • Rehan and Alex are going to talk to Vito and make a plan
    • Rehan proposed Halva's interface, which he is going to send to Ciro and Anders for discussion on the next meeting