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ULB has NO general access to any of the (for us) most interesting collections: IEEE xPlore, ACM digital library.

The list of the journals accessible online when using IP addresses internal to the ULB network is available on the Internet at or There you can search and find out whether the journal you are interested in is available or not. As there are some 3000 titles, links can be broken as webmasters of ULB do not check them all the time. If you find a broken link the best you can do is to let them know and they will fix it.

Impact factors for journals -- The link works only from within the ULB.

Use EZ-Proxy to access outside ULB campus.

Elsevier: Journals in Computer Science category

ULB has access to approximately 50% of Elsevier titles. To check which ones are available to us the only way is to go to, click on "Journals" and then search. Under the "Computer Science" category we have:


ULB has access to several titles of Springer-Link collection. To check which ones are available to us the only way is to go to and then search. Some of the journals we have access to:




International journal of parallel programming

Directory of Open Access Journal

Journal Storage (200 journals)

Article Database (18000 periodicals)


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