ANTS 2014 - Ninth International Conference on Swarm Intelligence
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Below is given a list of possible restaurants for the lunch breaks of the ANTS 2014 conference on September 10 and 11 (September 12 a sandwich lunch will be served at the conference).

Avenue de L'université

Fresh corner (fresh food) map
Exki (healthy / vegetarian) map

Corner of Avenue de L'université and Chaussée de Boondael

Brasserie La Bastoche (belgian-french) map
La Bécasse (belgian-french) map
Le Pain Quotidien (café) map

Chaussée de Boondael

Mamma Roma (pizza) map
Quick (burguers) map
Seven days (kebab) map
Poussières d'Etoiles (thai) map
Tout près (take away) map
Sogno d'Italia map