ANTS 2014 - Ninth International Conference on Swarm Intelligence
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You can access the system by clicking on this link to the online submission system

Camera ready submission

If you have a contribution accepted for presentation at ANTS 2014 and for inclusion in the conference proceedings, please read carefully the following instructions.

Number of pages and deadline

Full-length papers are allotted 12 pages in the proceedings; short papers, 8 pages; and extended abstracts, 2 pages.

By May 21, the camera-ready copy must be submitted.

Preparing the camera-ready copy

Please take into account the comments contained in the reviews of your paper when preparing the camera-ready copy of your contribution.

Please format your contribution following the instruction given on the ANTS 2014 web site (

Only contributions typeset in LaTeX will be included in the ANTS 2014 proceedings. Please download the package from Springer ( and format your contribution using the LaTeX class "llncs" included therein. References must be formatted using the BibTeX style "splncs03" which is included in, too. References must follow the Number-Only system. Please refer to the class documentation included in the package.

Please do not alter in any way the parameters defined by the llncs class. In particular, do not change font family, font size, line spacing, and margin width. Original Springer's class/style files should not be manipulated. Do not include the llncs class among the file you submit. Your paper will be recompiled by Springer using the original llncs class: If you make any modification to this file, the paper will not compile correctly. In this case, your paper will not be included in the proceedings.

Concerning the name of authors given in the latex field \author{}, please provide the full first name and not just the initial. Do not include the academic title, e.g.: Prof. or Dr.

Please provide the following information for all authors at the beginning of the contribution: department, faculty, university, company (as applicable), city, country and email address. (Do not include street address and ZIP code: This is not supposed to be the full postal address).

To allow you to include this information the llncs class provides the command \institute. To add email addresses, use the command \email within the \institute command. Example:

\institute{SomeLab, University of Somecity, Somecity, Somecountry \email{}}

After the \institute command please include an \index entry for each of the authors. Example:

\index{Last_name_of_author1, First_name_of_author1}
\index{Last_name_of_author2, First_name_of_author2}
\index{Last_name_of_author3, First_name_of_author3}

For further details, please refer to the documentation of the llncs class.

Acknowledgements, if any, should be given in a final subsubsection at the end of the paper, just before the list of references. Please use the following command:

\subsubsection*{Acknowledgments. }

Please do not provide acknowledgments in a footnote to the title or to the author's name.

Please notice that the proceedings will be printed in black and white. Make sure that the figures do not rely on colors to passage a message and they are understandable also when printed in black and white.

A contribution accepted as an "Extended abstract" must not contain an abstract: after the \maketitle command, the body of the paper should start immediately.

By May 21, you must upload the final version of your contribution to the ANTS 2014 on-line conference system:

In particular, you should upload a compressed archive, either in the zip or tgz format, containing:

  1. the camera-ready copy in PDF format (.pdf)
  2. the final LaTeX file (.tex)
  3. all figures (if you have any)
  4. the BibTeX file (.bib)


The camera-ready copy of your contribution (including references) must not exceed the allotted number of pages. Please notice that contributions that do not comply with all above requirements cannot be included in the ANTS 2014 proceedings.

Copyright form

You must fill in and sign the Springer's copyright form (link here). The form should be emailed to


Please notice that the copyright form must be at the conference organization offices by May 21, otherwise the contribution cannot be included in the ANTS 2014 proceedings.