Rehan O'Grady

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Curriculum Vitae

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Rehan O’Grady

Date of Birth: 6th August 1976
Marital Status: Long term partner, two children
Address: Brussels, Belgium



6 papers in international journals, 12 papers in international conferences
3 book chapers. 2 short films in conference video proceedings, 1 patent
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Sep ’04 – Present


IRIDIA, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Current Position: Post-doctoral Researcher
Responsibilities: My principal responsibilities over the last few years involved managing the recently concluded Swarmanoid project – an international multi-million euro research project. I played a leading role in defining the scientific direction of the project, in particular regarding the (highly successful) final demonstration. I was one of the chief design architects for the simulation software used by the five participating laboratories. I have also participated in several successful funding proposals to the European Commission.
Oct ’05 – Oct ’10 PhD Degree: 'Morphologically Responsive Self-Assembling Robots'

My thesis advanced the state of the art in swarm robotics by showing for the first time how self-assembling robots could form appropriate composite morphologies in response to environmental contingencies.
Sep ’04 – Sep ’05 DEA Degree (master's equivalent): 'Adaptive Swarm Robotics in Rough Terrain Navigation'

Design and implementation of a distributed decision mechanism to enable a group of robots to cooperate when necessary to overcome rough terrain.

Sep ’95 – Jun ’99


Edinburgh University, UK

Degree: First Class Honours in Mathematics and Computer Science (B.Sc.)
Awards: Kevin Clarke Memorial Prize

(This prize is awarded every year to the top Mathematics and Computer Science graduate)
Courses: Mathematics: Algebra, Analysis, Probability, Computer Aided Mathematics, Geometry, Stochastic Models in Finance, Group Theory. Computer Science: Algorithms and Data Structures, Modelling and Simulation, Programming Methodology, Computer Graphics, Computability and Intractability, Computer Algebra, Language Semantics
Thesis: ‘Exact Sampling By Coupling From The Past’
Investigation of an algorithmic solution to the problem of sampling objects in statistical physics uniformly at random using the Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation technique.

Sep ’89 – Jun ’94


St Paul’s School, London

A-level: Mathematics (A), History (A), German (A), Computer Science (B)
Other: AS-level Further Mathematics (A); Additional French (A); Eleven G.C.S.E.’s (all A’s)


Nov ’03 – May ’04


Willis Ltd, London

Job Title: Programme Manager
Skills: Project Management, Human Resources, Knowledge Transfer

This was a six month consultancy role. Willis Ltd is a global insurance broker. I project managed the transfer of several of their business processes from the UK to India. In the UK this meant working with management to understand the nature of the work involved as well as the HR and IT requirements. In India I oversaw the setting up of teams to take on the new work. I then managed the handover of work from the British teams to the Indian teams.

I also made major contributions to two Human Resources projects which affected the whole of Willis’ Indian subsidiary. I headed up a project to develop a soft skills (customer service, cultural awareness, etc) training course for the Indian employees – both course structure and materials. The second project was to design from scratch and then implement a new career and pay structure for the employees of the Indian organisation.

This job offered me the opportunity to gain perspective beyond the software industry.  I gained experience of the financial services sector, management, and cross cultural working.  Living in India had also been a goal of mine for some time.

Aug ’02 – Jan ’03


NetFM Ltd, London

Job Title: Consultant
Skills: Mobile Application Development, Technical Architecture,
Front End Design & Development, Back End Design and Development
Technologies: PHP, GSM/SMS, X.25, Perl, MySql, CVS, UML

I was recruited for this position by Dr. David Herring, my former manager at Micromuse. Dr. Herring left Micromuse to found NetFM, a company specializing in business software for mobile devices. He hired me on a six month consultancy project to kick-start NetFM’s mobile application development program.

Over the course of the project I built the development platform which now serves as the base for all NetFM’s mobile applications. This involved setting up the code repository, then writing code to send and receive text messages as well as to store and receive data from the back end database. The project also entailed writing the building blocks and early design of the web based user interface. (PHP, Perl, MySql, GSM/SMS, X.25, CVS). I also came up with the initial software design for NetFM’s MobileManager product (UML).

Aug ’99 – Aug ’02


Micromuse Ltd, London

Job Title: Research and New Product Development
Skills: Product Design & Development, Sales, Pre-Sales (Installation), Writing Technical Proposals
Technologies: C, C++, Java, Solaris, Linux, Cisco/Netflow, CheckPoint Firewall-1, HTTP, DNS, RADIUS, FTP, POP, SMTP, NTP

I was recruited by Dr. David Herring who had previously been my mentor at Micromuse during my university internship. I became a key member of the Micromuse’s research and development team which produced (thought up, designed and implemented) a number of products in the ‘Netcool’ network management software suite for large corporations. The products we introduced were critical in transforming Micromuse from a bit player in the hardware (SUN Microsystems) reseller market to a multi billion dollar company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Micromuse has since been purchased by IBM, who have maintained the ‘Netcool’ branding.

I played a core role in the development of two distinct product groups. The first, known as Usage Service Monitors (USMs), provides analysis of the usage levels of network services. One of the design papers I wrote – on how operators of large scale networks could receive early warning of service degradation through the automated detection of abnormal patterns in service usage – resulted in a US patent. The implementation of the USMs involved writing engines which measured, aggregated and analysed the usage of a variety of internet services (C, C++, Java, Solaris, Linux, Cisco/Netflow, CheckPoint Firewall-1, HTTP, DNS, RADIUS, FTP, POP, SMTP, NTP). These engines integrated with the Oracle database (ODBC, JDBC). I was awarded 7500 Micromuse stock options for my pioneering work on the USMs.

The second product group were the Internet Service Monitors (ISMs). Their function was to help companies ensure their network services were always available. To that end I wrote code which repeatedly accessed network services with synthetic transactions and then reported on the performance and availability of these services (C, XML configuration). I was involved in designing and implementing the web based user interfaces for both the USMs and ISMs. (J2SE 1.3, Jetty Web Server, Freemarker templating engine).

I also worked closely with Micromuse’s customers, representing the team in numerous high level presentations and explaining to clients how our technology worked and how it could benefit their businesses. Clients with whom I dealt included The Bank of China in Beijing and AOL/Time Warner in Washington DC – both now major users of Netcool technology.

Jun ’96 – Oct ’96


Micromuse Ltd, London

Job Title: University Internship
Description: Over the course of this university internship, I was solely responsible for setting up an intranet for Micromuse Ltd.  This was the first time Micromuse had had an intranet, and I was therefore required to provide both infrastructure and content. I also worked on Mercury Communications’ first dial-up internet service project, where I wrote tests to ensure the system could deal with the required volume of traffic. (Perl, Expect)

May ’95 – Jun ’95


Stanislas School, Paris

Description: English Teacher

Jan ’95 – Apr ’95


Siemens AG, Karlsruhe, Germany

Description: I worked on the initial SAP installation project at Siemens. My task was to write utilities to convert data from the arcane SAP table format into a user friendly format viewable with standard PC software. (Word macros, Excel macros)

Oct ’94 – Dec ’94


Bauland GmbH , Munich, Germany

Description: Bauland GmbH is a property development company that is a subsidiary of the Bavarian Regional Bank. I developed a business critical application to allow Bauland to keep track of its land acquisitions. (Microsoft Access)



Solaris, Linux, Windows


C, C++, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, TCL, Expect, JavaScript


TCP/IP, Cisco/Netflow, XML, HTML, UML, SOAP,CSS, CVS, Apache, Jetty, MySql, Oracle, ODBC, JDBC, GSM/SMS, X.25, Microsoft Office, StarOffice


Mother Tongue:



French, German, Italian



Personal Interests

I am a keen sportsman. I play squash in division one of the Belgian national league and 11-aside football in an amateur league in Brussels. I enjoy reading both fiction and non-fiction and am passionate about cinema. I like to keep abreast of trends in the world of computer science, especially concerning open source software.


Contact details for both business and social references available on request.
Last update: March 2011