Manuele Brambilla, Ph.D.
mbrambilla @at@ iridia .dot. ulb .dot. ac .dot. be


Some videos of my research and the related projects:

Interview for the Awareness project - 15/03/2012, Florence, Italy

From the Awareness project website.

ERC 5th anniversary - 29/02/2012, Bruxelles, Belgium

Evening celebration of the ERC 5th anniversary. Our presentation starts at 10:00.

Swarmanoid, the movie - Recorded in 2011, Lausanne, Switzerland

This video was awarded with the Best video award at AAAI 2011. More information on Swarmanoid can be found here:

BBC video of the FET 2011 conference - 4-6 May 2011, Budapest, Hungary

See the video on the BBC website: BBC - FET 2011, our section starts at 4:52. Information about the conference here: