How to use the real e-pucks with Aseba

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Download the files from the SVN repository (Get all the files you need) then follow this instructions

Note that sometimes Aseba and the e-puck have a complicated relationship. It looks like Aseba asks too much from the e-puck, and often the e-puck will get grumpy and just block. Aseba is great to prototype, but for a more serious relationship you want to go for pure C. It is way more reliable and it will not break your heart.

Download, compile and patch Dashel (v.127) and Aseba (v. 381)

Fast solution:

  • use the script done by Arne
    • copy patches/ and to a directory where you want all the files and run the script

Step-by-step solution:

  • download Dashel v. 127
svn -r127 co dashel
  • patch it - (this is necessary in order to make Aseba communicate with the simulator )
cd dashel
patch -p0 < patches/dashel_with_fpic_r127.patch
  • compile it
cmake .
  • install it in /usr/local (you can avoid this but then you need to run "ccmake ." or to modify the CMakeLists.txt in Aseba)
sudo make install
  • download Aseba v. 381
svn -r381 co aseba
  • patch it - (this is necessary in order to make Aseba communicate with the simulator )
cd aseba
patch -p0 < patches/aseba_complete_r381.patch
  • compile it
cmake .
  • install it in /usr/local
sudo make install
  • test if it works
cd studio
  • a window should appear. You are not able to connect now, it's normal

NOTE: if "asebastudio" is not there, i.e. the file is missing, it means that you don't have the QT4 library installed. Install it and recompile all.

Now you should have Aseba working under your system ready to communicate with the simulator and the real e-pucks

Upload the latest epuckaseba.hex

If you have modified the epuckaseba.c file (aseba/targets/e-puck) or you think that the e-puck does not have the correct file, you need to upload the epuckaseba.hex file on the robots.

Follow this instructions: How to connect to the robots via bluetooth and upload a file

Connect the robot to Aseba

open aseba and put as connection point "custom":


where **** is the number of the epuck

If everything is fine aseba should be opening up.

Note: if the left menu is not there, there is most probably a mismatch with the firmware on the e-puck or between your aseba version and the one used to compile the hex on the robot.

To upload a new firmware follow this guide: How to upload a new firmware on the e-puck

If you have any problem or question please send me an e-mail ( or contact me personally