David Garzón Ramos

PhD student in Swarm Robotics

Why Science Communication - SciComm?

Working with robots is fun! However, it happens quite often that the fascinating ecosystem of contemporary robots is reserved to few fortunate researchers, makers, and engineers. 

I believe that we, as robotics researchers, have the skills and the resources to contribute to the demystification and positive adoption of robotics. We just need to put a bit of effort to reach better the public that exists beyond our scientific community.  

People is typically quite enthusiast when they get to know our amazing robots! 

Do you want to talk about robots?   Contact me! :)

I got interested in robotics communication while teaching a robotics introductory course in Colombia, my home. I enjoyed a lot how my students were constantly surprised by the weirdest robots. So, why stop there? 

Although the PhD does not leave me much time, I try to be active in a few science communication activities: social media; participation in SciComm collectives; presentations and talks; and specially in making robot videos. I certainly have a bias towards collective robotics, but I very much enjoy discussing all robotics fields. 

Robot videoclips

I love producing robot videos!!! and, it is definitively easier to communicate robotics if you get to show some robots in action.

Below a series of original video clips that I have directed/produced in the past years (since Dec 2020). I thank a lot the participation and the support given by my fellow IRIDIAns. You can find the full set of videos in my YouTube channel (David Garzón Ramos).

[ Showcasing the ERC DEMIURGE project ] 

With this short teaser we joined the celebration of the first 10K grantees of the European Research Council (ERC). It is my favorite clip!

The DEMIURGE project: Automatic design of robot swarms | Video teaser

[ Swarm robotics capsules ]

Learn about robot swarms in less than 5 minutes, non-roboticists are welcome.

Swarm robotics: union makes strength (subtitled)

Orchestra: from ant colonies to colonies of robots in the moon (subtitles soon)

[ Communication videos ] 

Communication clips that present results from the DEMIURGE project.

Neuro-evolutionary methods for the automatic design of robot swarms

ROS for robot swarms

[ Holiday videos ]

Check the most festive robot swarms.

Christmas clip | Phormica: Photochromic Pheromone Release and Detection System for Robot Swarms

Automatic design of collective (collecting) behaviors for robot (rabbit) swarms | Easter egg hunt

Swarming lights on winter nights - AutoMoDe edition | A robot swarm ballet

Christmas clip | Automatic design of swarms of Santa's little helpers (a.k.a. robot swarms)

[ Coverage of ICRA 2022 ]

Funky robots in the largest robotics conference.

ICRA 2022 - Road to Philly! | Video teaser

ICRA 2022 - Day 1 - Kicking off

ICRA 2022 - Day 2 - Da Robot Funk

ICRA 2022 - Day 3 - Machine lingo

ICRA 2022 - Day 4 - R5 Robot Ready

ICRA 2022 - Day 5 - Pincuyno gears

ICRA 2022, as a SciCommer

I am was granted a IEEE RAS Science Communication Awards for ICRA2022! Click below for posts and videos about the greatest robotics conference festival. :)

  in English

  en español

Appearing in the media

I appeared a few of times in the media, albeit sometimes tangentially. Still, I am quite proud of it :) .

In 2022, my research on the automatic design of robot swarms was featured by Agencia UNAL, the newsletter of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Their article is available online: "Abejas, hormigas y termitas inspiran software que haría más sociables a los robots" (in Spanish). Other media outlets and newspapers featured it too: El Tiempo, dycit, among others.

Also in 2022, I gave some bits of robotics, collective intelligence, and robot swarms in radio programs from the most popular Colombian stations (in Spanish). Check my interviews in La Nube, broadcast by BluRadio; La Tertulia, broadcast by RCN Radio (min 42:08); and Análisis UNAL (Franja internacional), broadcast by Radio UNAL (min 1:23:23). 

My coverage of ICRA 2022 was originally published by Robohub, and other important robotics media outlets featured it too: IEEE Spectrum, Hisparob, Weekly Robotics, among others.

In 2021, I was featured by Robohub in the article ''Simulations, real robots, and bloopers from the DOTS competition: Powering emergency food distribution using swarms''—being Robohub one of the most important robotics communications blogs.

In 2019, Dr. Mauro Birattari showcased my experiments in Tout s'explique, a science and technology TV show broadcast by RTL-TVI, the most popular channel in the French-speaking area of Belgium.

Connecting with other SciComm enthusiasts

I am learning from brilliant researchers and communicators: 

In 2021, I participated in the Robohub and AIhub's Sci-Comm workshop trial.  After, I collaborated with Robohub SciCommers in the coverage of ICRA 2022.

Early this year, 2022, I joined the international team of the science communication collective Ciencia en el Bar; which focusses in communication activities in Latin America. I am currently developing Ciencia en el Bar's website. 

I participated in the Science Communication Training for the Cofund IF@ULB programme; which is suppored by ReSIC, the research center for information and communication sciences at the Université libre de Bruxelles.

Social media activities

I am the admin of the twitter account of IRIDIA (@IRIDIA_ULB), the Artificial Intelligence research laboratory of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. I am also the admin of the twitter account of the ERC DEMIURGE project (@Demiurge_ULB), its YouTube channel (DEMIURGE project), and website (https://demiurge.be).

In my twitter account (@dgarzonramos), I mostly share content on Swarm Robotics. However, the content is not restricted to my work or the one of other IRIDIAns. 

I also post videos in my YouTube channel (David Garzón Ramos), particularly those to which I have contributed: expect robot video clips, talks and presentations, and a few featured videos.

Talks and presentations

Alongside my research presentations, I recently started participating in non-specialized conferences and seminars (mainly in Spanish). I share a bit about robots, insects, and collective behaviors. 

By the end of 2020, I was invited to be keynote speaker in CEASoft: Congreso de Electrónica, Automatización y Software, SENA, Colombia. 

In 2021, I was invited to be keynote speaker in the XIX Feria Tecnológica at Centro de Automatización Industrial, SENA, Colombia. The same year I was an invited speaker in the seminar Bioinspiración para el desarrollo de Tecnologías, Universidad Mariana, Colombia.

My presentation ''Introduciendo la robótica de enjambres a entusiastas de la robótica'' was awarded as Best Oral Presentation in the 1er Congreso Internacional de la Sociedad de Doctores e Investigadores de Colombia (SoPhIC), 2021, organized by the Colombian PhD and Research Society.

Below some of my presentations.

The automatic off-line design of robot swarms: recent advances and perspectives

Enjambres de robots: qué son y cómo diseñarlos

Introduciendo la robótica de enjambres a entusiastas de la robótica: experiencias y resultados de una colaboración académica

Cuando muchos no son tantos: robots móviles, sistemas multi‑robot y enjambres 
(starts at: 00:05:41, only playable in YouTube)

Robótica de enjambres: diseñando robots que se comportan como animales sociales (starts at: 1:10:25)

Diseño de enjambres de robots: un estudio sobre enjambres que coordinan a otros enjambres 

David Garzón Ramos


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