Year 3: Feb 2014 - Feb 2015

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23rd - 28th June, 2014

  • Conformational switching experiments in Paderborn
Localisation and tracking of components in self-assembling systems

The goal of this project is to apply computer vision techniques to track the growth of structures in self-assembling systems. The ability to track the growth of structures will shed light on the dynamics of self-assembly; an aspect of self-assembly that has not been well researched in the macroscopic context.

As part of the project, the student will have to: (a) find suitable hardware (combination of camera, lens, lighting, etc.), (b) localise multiple components in an environment, (c) track the components in the environment, and (d) track the assembly of components in the environment.

Required skills: the candidates should be acquainted with C++ programming and have a working knowledge of the English language.

 * Contacts : Marco Dorigo and Dhananjay Ipparthi (IRIDIA)

3rd - 7th March, 2014


  • Prepare for PPSN experiments
    • Follow up orders
  • Extend incompatible structure algorithm for multiple components


  • Uploaded videos



  • Pack
    • Cameras, chargers, cables, memory cards and tripod
    • Data storage
    • Design notebook, theses, papers
    • Magnets
    • Screws
      • Micro screws
      • Screws for environment
      • Nuts for environment
    • Screw driver
    • Glue, tape
    • Bracket, environments, lids
    • Wing nuts, hex nuts, screws, bolts
    • Measuring instruments: vernier, rulers etc.
    • Washing dish
    • Brush
    • Tools (file etc...)
  • Autorisation de mission
  • Submit expenses!