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  • Always attach the power tools to the vacuum cleaner
  • Always clean your mess (especially when cutting woods or styrofaom)
  • Put the tools back where you found them
  • Keep the door and the cupboards closed when working (to prevent noise and dirt from going out)
  • Do not store things inside the workshop. The room between the workshop and the arena is thought for that. Keep all materials there or in the storage room
  • Do not bring tools outside of the workshop. If you really need, put a post-it saying what you took and where you brought it. If you are taking stuff for a long period (e.g. for fixing the small arena) send an email to manu and to arne.

The general principle is: leave things as they were. Arnuzzi is checking personally that you are NOT doing bad stuff, so be careful.


I put here some pictures of the tools and of the workshop. You will find also the manual of the tools. These pictures are here so that you can browse through the tools even without going in the workshop (in the end it's a long way up there) of even if some tools are missing.

Some pictures are here just to give you an idea of what is available, if you want to know the details just go there and check yourself. You can click (twice) on the pictures to have a high resolution view to read the small text on the boxes.

The power tools

Metabo Drill, manual.
Fein MultiMaster, manual.
Makita circular saw, manual, guide manual.
Black and Decker saw, manual.
Makita driver drill, manual.
Makita driver drill tools
Metabo vacuum cleaner, manual.
Metabo glue gun, manual.
Steinel heat gun, manual.
Proxxon bench circular saw, manual.
Proxxon bench circular saw tools.
Proxxon rotary tool, manual.
Cleaning stuff.
Cleaning stuff.
Fiac compressor, manual.

Other Pictures

How the workshop should look when clean
The workbench with the drawers containing the fancy tools
The soldering station with drawers containing the misc tools
An additional table with the vacuum cleaner
The Cupboards
Big power tools cupboard (right of the workbench)
Small power tools and various stuff cupboard (next to the door)
The fancy tools drawers

(ask Manu or Arne for the key)

DSC 0006.JPG
DSC 0034.JPG
DSC 0008.JPG
The misc drawers
DSC 0009.JPG
DSC 0010.JPG
DSC 0011.JPG
DSC 0012.JPG
DSC 0013.JPG
DSC 0014.JPG
DSC 0015.JPG
Screws and other stuff

(showed just to have an idea of what we have so that you don't buy twenty times the same kind of screws)

DSC 0018.JPG
DSC 0019.JPG
DSC 0020.JPG
DSC 0021.JPG
DSC 0022.JPG
DSC 0023.JPG
DSC 0024.JPG
DSC 0025.JPG
DSC 0026.JPG
The pre-workshop room
DSC 0027.JPG
DSC 0028.JPG
DSC 0029.JPG
DSC 0030.JPG
DSC 0031.JPG