Surviving in Brussels

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French lessons

There are various options for learning French. You can choose a private course, but the Enseignement de Promotion et de Formation Continue (EPFC) - an organisation related to the ULB - is offering language courses at a reasonable price. Please note that registration only takes place a few times a year and that a bit of luck might be needed to get admitted as the courses are quite popular.

There are lots of other options as well. SIEP has a nice tool, which generates a PDF of available courses based on a set of criteria.


A good alternative to buses or trams is cycling. The cheapest place to find a bike is probably the so called 'bike market', situated next to the Zuid train station. It takes place every sunday morning until about 13 o'clock. There you can find bikes from 20 euros, and also get a U-like lock for about 10 euros. Once you have acquired it, consider carefully where you leave it and how well it is locked, as it might vanish sooner than you think. Bike life expectancy seems to be rather short.

Concerts, cinemas and other events

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