SBot Disassembly and Reassembly HOWTO

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  1. Remove camera tower and microphone circuit board (c.b.)
  2. Remove camera board
    • Detatch 4 top screws
    • Detatch antenna and gripper motor from underside
  3. Remove Black Plastic Ring, LED Ring and LED Ring c.b.
    • Remove 4 recessed screws
    • Remove LED ring and LED c.b.
    • Hang black ring over gripper (comes off after remove gripper motor)
  4. Remove gripper motor.
    • Remove two lateral screws holding gripper motor.
    • Careful not to drop inside sbot (hold with tweezers)
    • Stash seperate gripper motion limiter metal piece
    • Remove black plastic ring
  5. Remove Wireless chip c.b.
    • Two top screws
  6. Remove 7 connectors c.b.
    • Remove hex tower bolts (long body short thread)
    • Detatch connecters
  7. Remove gripper
    • Remove lateral screws at top of vertical c.b.
    • Watch out for washers between vertical c.b. and black plastic of gripper hood - don't drop these into sbot. (very often these washer are not there anymore)
    • Remove two recessed screws in gripper black plastic
  8. Remove infra red (i.r.) c.b. and vertical c.b.
    • Unscrew lateral screws in black gripper holding platic.
    • Remove 2 cogs (for gripper arm and rotation)
    • Remove vertical hex tower bolts (horizontal ones stay attached to vertical c.b.)
    • Gently bend i.r. sensors inwards. (this is a shit step)
    • Remove i.r. c.b. and vertical c.b. together
  9. Remove round c.b.
    • Remove 4 upward facing screws
    • Detatch 4 connectors (smallest first, label them!)
    • Detach connector on underside.
  10. Remove Rotating body of sbot (black and yellow plastic ensemble)
  11. Remove 2 large outer wheels
    • Remove horseshoe pinch clips from large outer wheels.
    • Remove washer
  12. Remove remaining 4 wheels and tracks
    • Remove horseshoe clips x 2
    • Remove counter weight (double) nuts x2 - need bent spanner
  13. Pull apart body of sbot base
    • Remove 4 width ways lateral screws
    • Remove 2 of 4 length ways lateral screws that hold motors (screw into metal plate)
      • Remove 2 that are next to non-moving axle (diagonally opposite)
  14. Remove battery


Make Battery

  1. Check levels of both batteries with voltmeter (>3v OK)
  2. Putt 1st batt on tape, cut round leaving 1mm on 3 sides - not side with +ve terminal
  3. Put second batt on new bit of tape. Put 1st batt on second batt with insulating in between (+ and - at opposite ends)
  4. Soldering iron at 400 C, wet sponge
  5. Put flux product (acidy stuff) on battery.
  6. Burn solder through flux onto left of +ve terminal, and side of of other batt. Max 5s or burn batt.
  7. Cut 30cm blue, yellow, brown wire. Expose 4mm,4mm,10mm respectively. Tin exposed wire
  8. Attach blue and yellow to +ve and side. Attach brown across back poles.
    • Blue and brown need to be flat (thickness of wire) or sbot will not close
  9. Clean acidy stuff with alcohol (c.b. cleaning fluid).


  • NB - Don't overscrew anything - can destroy thread easily.
  1. Attach i.r. c.b. to one side of base. (Snip black plastic cylinder that go thro' c.b. if new base).
  2. Attach pure white cog larger hole to right of pure gold cog.
    • Grease thicker spindle
    • Slot through pure white cog
  3. Attach white and gold cog
    • Grease thin spindle and put it in thin hole
    • Slide cog over spindle and push into place (gold down)
  4. Insert batter into side with i.r. c.b.'s
    • Blue and yellow wires on either side of flat wiring connecting c.b.s
  5. Slide two halves together
    • Battery wires round side of battery (inc brown) and up thro' middle behind motor.
    • Push little at a time and help where needed (c.b.'s i.r. sensors)
    • Check fit is flush (no wires caught, battery soldering ok)
  6. Screw in 4 lateral screws.
  7. Screw in motor screws into metal plate
    • Unscrew a little other screw going into same metal plate
    • Attach 'alimentation' machine - 2v pins 1,2. Both dirns (reverse voltage). Jiggle metal plate to get min amps, min noise. Screw in.


  1. Grease non moving axle.
  2. Slide on two basic wheels and main track at the same time
    • Thicker wheel has indentations for the rod piercing the moving axle.
    • Thinner wheel goes deeper side towards sbot.
  3. Put one horseshoe grip clip on non moving axle
    • Put on washer and grease washer before clip
    • Clip should still allow little bit of play for wheel.
  4. Put on two nuts onto moving axle
    • First nut not too tight - still allows little bit of play
    • Second nut fastens tight against first nut - use bent spanner to hold first nut.
  5. Put on secondary track followed by big central wheel
    • Grease axle
    • Lever track onto central wheel.
    • Put on washer. Grease. Put on grip clip. Allow play.
  6. Check motors again. 2-8v Both dirns.


  1. Check main body piece (black and yellow platic rotating relative to each other)
    • Rotation
    • Check carefully none of the 'golets' (round whitish plastic pieces on which yellow plastic rotates) have popped out or are displaced.
    • Check the wire connections of the traction sensors.
    • Clean body if necessary
  2. Put in small round c.b.
    • Pass through motor and traction sensor connectors
    • Attach track force sensors on underside
    • Attach traction sensor connector
    • Attach two motor connectors.
    • Put in screws (4x 12mm conical head) - check carefull first that none of the wires are being pinched between c.b. and screw holders by rotating little left little right while applying downward pressure.
    • Check none of the traction sensor wires are overly taught.
  3. Put in black cogs
    • Clean with alcahol and ultrasound
    • Grease axle
    • Back to back, short one first
  4. Put fourth connector onto round c.b.
    • NB Must connect so that wires emerge from bottom of connecter.
  5. Attach i.r. c.b. and vert c.b.
    • Slide connector and batt wires thro' i.r. c.b.
    • Slide vert c.b. (with motors facing into sbot) onto i.r. c.b.
    • Push it all in together. Must rest well on turret rotators and in vert c.b. slots.
    • Screw in hex tower bolts (long body short thread). DON'T overscrew
    • Push i.r. sensors gently back into place
    • Check very carefully that non of the i.r. sensors are broken - can just be a hairline crack in connector.
    • Put in external lateral grip screws that screw into hex tower bolts on vert c.b. 2 x 12mm conical head
  6. Put in c.b. with 7 connectors
    • Pass thro' batt wire and connector
    • Screw in long body short thread hex bolts
    • Attach connectors (motor connectors are symmetric)
    • Attach battery connector
      • If new battery, make connector - blue pin 1, yellow pin 4.
      • Leave 2cm extra for rotation. Don't short circuit when pressing connector - insulate gripper.
  7. Put gripper on
    • Grease plastic depression where pivots
    • Put gripper underneath, then lever into place
    • Attach connectors - one with green wire nearest gripper.
  8. Put on gripper hood (seperate bit of black plastic)
    • Place washer(s) on spindle
    • Put wires in trench
    • Brass tube in middle of gripper - may need to adjust
    • Should be only a tiny gap between hood and rest of gripper at front. May be rectangular spacers here.
    • Put in vertical screws through gripper from top (12mm conical head)
    • Check spindle has a little bit of play - too much = add washer, too little = remove washer
    • Grease spindle hole (top of spindle) and spindle thread
    • Put in lateral screws through top of vert c.b. 2 x 8mm conical head
      • Washers between vert c.b. and gripper hood (fiddly)
    • Test rotation motor (right, pins 1,2) and elevation motor (left, pins 1,6) with alimentation at 5v
  9. Put in wireless lan c.b.
    • Push wires (batt and connector back into hole of previous c.b.) to create space
    • Batt wires pass just to right of gripper behind vert c.b.
    • Push in c.b. by feel - check no wires underneath are pinched, often needs rearrangement
    • Screw in 2x 5mm cylinder head screws
  10. Attach gripper motor
    • NB Thread motor wire thro' black plastic ring first (this screws in later)
    • NB Put in movement limiter - pin goes into missing segment, not hole. If very unwound, can put into wrong bit of segment. Check limiting further anti-clockwise movement.
    • 5mm cylinder head screws
    • Check movement limiter not blocked.
  11. Put in crescent moon c.b. and LED ring
    • Connect connector of LED ring
  12. Put on black plastic ring
    • 4x 12mm cone head screws. Sometimes have to jiggle to find holes. Screw in gradually, like car tyre.
    • NB Don't over tighten screws
  13. If not already there, attach two short body long thread hex tower bolts where flex arm used to go on camera c.b.
  14. Put in camera c.b.
    • NB Attach underside wireless LAN antenna wire and connector.
    • On off switch towards front left.
    • Battery wires thro' frontside rectangle
    • Surface c.b. flush with black ring
    • Screw in 4x 5mm cylinder head screws
  15. Screw in recharger c.b.
    • Pass wireless antenna through hole.
  16. Put on microphone c.b.
    • Remove old charger connector first if not already done. (Solder 2pins at a time and yank gently)
  17. Attach battery to recharger c.b.
    • Make connector if not already done - blue pin 1, brown pin 2, yellow pin 4
      • NB Cut wires one at a time otherwise SHORT CIRCUIT.
  18. Go grab a beer.