Plan Vito Trianni

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Plan (future work)

  • Communication for synchronization in a group of robots
  • Functional self-assembling
  • Time-dependent decision making mechanisms for prey retrieval


  • Study the emergence of non-trivial communication paradigms for synchronised activities in a group of robots
  • Evolving integrated networks with time-varying features

Things to do

Write the Ph.D. Thesis. Here is a rough workplan:

  • by the end of the year - Part I completed (introduction,literature,motivations)
  • by the end of January 2006 - Part II completed (experiments on coordinated motion and hole avoidance)
  • by the end of February 2006 - Part III completed (novel directions: functional self-assembling, integration over time)

Papers to write

Possibly a paper in cooperation with Mondada-Bonani on the electro-mechanical features of the traction sensor