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How-to cite

When using the e-pucks, please cite the related technical report and the article on ARGoS:

Technical report:

 author={L. Garattoni and G. Francesca and A. Brutschy and C. Pinciroli and M. Birattari},
 title={Software Infrastructure for E-puck (and TAM)},
 institution={IRIDIA, Universit{\'e} Libre de Bruxelles},
 address={Brussels, Belgium},


 author  = {Pinciroli,~C. and Trianni,~V. and O'Grady,~R. and Pini,~G. and Brutschy,~A.
and Brambilla,~M. and Mathews,~N. and Ferrante,~E. and {Di Caro},~G. and Ducatelle,~F.
and Birattari,~M. and Gambardella,~L.~M. and Dorigo,~M.},
 title   = {{ARGoS}: a Modular, Parallel, Multi-Engine Simulator for Multi-Robot Systems},
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 volume  = {6},
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