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History (past work)

My research concerns the artificial evolution of self-organising behaviours for a swarm-bot. In this context, I studied collective behaviours such as scalable aggregation, coordinated motion, hole avoidance and functional self-assembling. Some of these behaviours have been successfully tested with the real swarm-bots as well.

Additionally, I studied the evolution of time-dependent decision-making behaviours, in cooperation with Elio Tuci and Christos Ampatzis.

Conferences attended

Name Location Dates
ANTS 2004 Brussels, Belgium 05.09.2004 to 08.09.2004
SAB 2004 Los Angeles, CA 13.07.2004 to 17.07.2004
IAS 8 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 10.03.2004 to 13.03.2004
ECAL 2003 Dortmund, Germany 14.09.2003 to 17.09.2003


Name of the lab visited Location Dates
EPFL Lausanne 06.02.2005 to 12.02.2005
EPFL Lausanne 11.10.2004 to 19.10.2004
EPFL Lausanne 09.08.2004 to 31.08.2004

Papers published

see the swarm-bot website or Google Scholar

Papers submitted

Title Journal/Conference Download link Bibtex link
Self-Organisation and Communication in Groups of Simulated and Physical Robots Biological Cybernetics Journal
Coordinated Motion in Groups of Physically Connected Robots IEEE System, Man and Cybernetics - Part B

Technical reports

See the swarm-bot website or search the IRIDIA Technical Report Repository

Contributions to the lab life

  • I bought the old coffee machine...

Holidays taken during the PhD studies