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History (past work)

Conferences attended

Name Location Dates
EA 2005 Lille, France October 26-28, 2005
ECAgents meeting Bruxelles, Belgium September 26-28, 2005
ECAL 2005 Kent, UK September 05-09, 2005
Swarm-Bots Final Meeting Lausanne, CH March 18, 2005
ECAgents 1st Meeting Rome, Italy February 12-13, 2004
Swarm-Bots Review Meeting Brussels, Belgium 2003.12.03

Summer schools

Name Location Dates


Name of the lab visited Location Dates
EPFL Lausanne April 05-08, 2004

Papers published

Title Journal/Conference Download link Bibtex link
Evolving communicating agents that integrate information over time: a real robot experiment. EA 2005 pdf Bibtex
Evolving neural mechanisms for an iterated discrimination task: a robot based model. ECAL 2005 pdf Bibtex
The SWARM-BOTS project. SAB'04 pdf Bibtex

Papers submitted

Title Journal/Conference Download link Bibtex link

Technical reports

Title Download link Download Bibtex
Swarm Intelligence techniques for task allocation and sub-task merging in multi-agent systems (DEA Thesis) pdf Bibtex

Contributions to the lab life

  • Swarm-Bots Website Administrator

Holidays taken during the PhD studies

From To No of days
December 17-27, 2003 Greece 6
September 04-21, 2004 Greece 12
April 01-09, 2005 Greece 6
July 23 - 07 August,2005 Greece 10
December 18-27, 2005 Greece 6
March 26-29, 2006 Greece 4
Summer 2006