Embed Fonts in your PDFs

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Many conferences/journals need you to embed all the used fonts in your pdfs. You can check if your pdfs have embedded fonts in two ways:

  • Open it with your favorite pdf readers (tested with areader and evince), go to File->Properties->Fonts and check that everything is embedded
  • from the command line:
pdffonts my_pdf.pdf

pdfLaTEX should already embed the fonts in your documents, so if you don't have all the fonts embedded the fault is probably of some images. R has the bad habit of not embedding the fonts.

How to solve this:

  • the dirty solution is to convert the file (either the single images or the whole doc) to ps and then back to pdf with the fonts. Note that this process might mess up the layout, always check the obtained pdf. (Source)
pdftops  mypaper.pdf
ps2pdf14 -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress mypaper.ps
  • the correct solution would be to embed the fonts when producing the images.
    • examples coming up in the future