Dipole words

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  • Components
    • Side of square: TBD
    • Thickness of each component: 5 mm
    • Radius of magnet: 1.5 mm
    • Strength of magnet: N48
    • Polyamide on Stratasys
  • Container
    • Radius of container: 125 mm
    • Depth of container: 9 mm
    • Material: Acrylic
  • Shaker
    • Mode: Orbital shaking
    • Speed: TBD
    • Duration for shaking: until stable structures are formed


  • Number of components used in each experiment


  • Probability of the formation of a set number of target structures.
  • Results to show
    • The probability with which a set number of target structures form.

Open problems

  • Can dipole words be used to physically guide self-assembly.
  • What are the limitations of dipole words in the physical realm.
  • Can dipole words be indeed leveraged to parallely assemble multiple target structures?
  • Unexpected behavior.
    • TBD