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Wednesday 19th October 2005 - Alexandre

Presentation / Discussion Topics

The main topic is optimal multi-foraging in swarm robotics.

  • I will present my latest developments and results
  • Go again through goals, motivations and bibliography (renewed).
  • Discussion about the context of this work, possible applications ?
  • I might present, if there is time left, my next experiment.

You can take a look at this very quick summary of my current research :

Administration Issues

  • Coffee machines
  • Format of these meetings
  • Standard programatic interface for simulators / real sbots.

People who will be absent



You can download a copy of Alex's presentation

  • The optimization group will have their own weekly presentations, but the will invite robotics people to participate, just like the swarm-bots presentations are open to optimization people. Seminars will continue as always and presentations might be given both at weekly meetings and at seminars.
  • Anders brings his coffee machine to test it. In case it pass the Italian test, we will buy one while the super-machine is being fixed.
  • Simulators and a standard interface for simulators:
    • Rehan and Alex are going to talk to Vito and make a plan
    • Rehan proposed Halva's interface, which he is going to send to Ciro and Anders for discussion on the next meeting