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Personal Information

Name: Dhananjay Ipparthi

Date of arrival in Brussels: 08th February, 2012

Home address: Rue des Vierges 58, 1000 Bruxelles

Telephone number: +32 483 382 207


  • Ring assemble demo in Paderborn, 20th August 2013
  • Decision of continuation of fellowship, 31st January, 2014

Academic Activities

15th - 19th July, 2013


  • Send LaserScript email
  • Update SVN
  • Cut IR 100mm container
  • Bracket!
  • Find ways to reduce N-N errors


  • The laser cutter was previously not calibrated accurately and caused errors in cuts. The cutter is now better calibrated.
  • Purchased 5mm plexi-glass sheet, 3 wood beams and Brico Discount Card (€195,47)



8th - 12th July, 2013


  • Send bracket sizes to Navneet [Done, €14,59]
  • Update Experiments spreadsheet [done]
    • Include dimensions of Big and Small environments [done]
  • Deeper cuts [done]
  • Inclined holes [done]


  • Found suitable air-gap for components
  • Found configurations for components with inclined holes to bond
    • v-shape
    • straight line (causes the pieces to be offset)


  • Meeting with Mauro:
    • Purchasing acrylic in bulk
    • Laser cutter calibration

To dos

  • Send LaserScript email regarding errors in calibration
  • Deal with bracket fit

1st - 5th July, 2013


  • Paderborn visit (3rd - 5th July, 2013)
    • Pack
      • Camera and tripod
    • Tests
      • Assemble components
      • Run single ring, two ring, extra pieces tests
    • Shaker details


  • Hand held experiments at IRIDIA
    • Captured videos of single ring and multiple ring assembly experiments. Tabulated the results.
    • Conducted tests with extra pieces. The extra pieces used were were:
      • Quarter circle
      • Full circle
  • Shaker experiments in Paderborn
    • Speed tests
      • Acrylic environment: acrylic components and ABS plastic components
      • ABS plastic environment: acrylic components and ABS plastic components
      • Tabulated results
    • Assembly tests
      • Big acrylic environment: 90deg ring segments, 45deg ring segments, 90deg circle segments
      • Small acrylic environment: 90deg ring segments, 45deg ring segments, 90deg circle segments
      • Tabulated results
    • Captured videos

To do

  • Send bracket sizes to Navneet
  • Update Experiments spreadsheet
    • Include dimensions of Big and Small environments
  • Deeper cuts
  • Inclined holes


24th - 28th June, 2013


  • Purchased [done]:
    • Washer/spacer for M7 and M8 screws - 1 each
    • 2m x 1m x 3mm Acrylic sheet - 1
    • 6mm Clips - 1
    • TOTAL : 111,97 Euro
  • Fabricate rings with lesser width [done]
  • Test to see if two rings can form simultaneously [done]
  • Prepare files and equipment for transport to Paderborn


  • Self assembly of:
    • Circle: IR 2mm OR 35mm
    • 1 ring: 90deg segments IR 20mm OR 35mm
    • 1 ring: 45deg segments IR 20mm OR 35mm
    • 2 rings: 90deg segments IR 20mm OR 35mm
    • 3 rings: 90deg segments and 45deg segments


17th - 21st June, 2013


  • Purchase acrylic sheets, MDF boards, sand-paper, glue [done] €184,46
  • Design and fabricate container for testing in July [done v2, shelved v1]
    • Design coupling that will allow any container to be easily mounted onto the shaker. [done v2, shelved v1]
  • Update Design Journal and Technical Report.
  • Design rings with lesser width
    • Observe lateral bonding


  • Developed first self-assembling structure.

FirstSelfAssembledStructure 20130617.jpg

  • Estimated cutting errors for the Laser Cutter [done]
  • Purchased I-section nd L-section channels which will be used as the coupling that will join the container and the shaker. €7,59
  • Purchased nuts, bolts and washers. €8,77
  • Fabricated and assembled container(s) and brackets
    • Containers: IR 75mm and IR 135mm
    • Bracket


10th - 14th June, 2013


  • Submit designs for fabrication [done]
    • Ensure pieces mate before submission [done]
  • Update reports and address Navneet's comments
    • Reorganised files and directories [done]
    • Revised time lines to reflect 2 week turn around time for 3D printing [done]
    • Create entries for 20130607 [done]
    • Update Design journal
  • Design and fabricate lid [done]
  • Design revision
  • Assembly simulations in SolidWorks [done]


  • Procured 2 suitable glues for acrylics
  • Procured magnets
  • Test finishing with the 2 glues
  • Cut arcs with acrylic

3rd - 7th June, 2013


  • RAR defense [done]
  • Set up SVN [done]
  • Create two docs: Lab report and detailed report and include them in SVN [done]
  • Update Lab report based on meeting with Navneet [done]
  • Understood basics of SolidWorks [done]


  • Semi ring designed in SolidWorks

1st March, 2013

Literature Review

Project Work

  • Work on FRS-FNRS Fellowship application
  • Work on Self-Reproduction Review Paper
  • Talk in Dubai


Laboratory Activities

  • Assisting in big-arena robot storage setup



  • Synthetic Reproduction Review Paper due by May 2013
  • Defense of Report of Advancement on 17th May 2013

Year 1: Feb 2012 - Feb 2013