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The IRIDIA -- Technical Report Series is a series of reports published on the web by IRIDIA. The series is officially registered and has an ISSN number: 1781-3794.

What is a suitable technical report?

You should consider registering as a technical report any scientific or technical document that you wish to share with other researchers at IRIDIA or elsewhere. Good examples are:

  1. a scientific paper that you have submitted for publication in a journal or in the proceedings of a conference (IRIDIA researchers are STRONGLY invited to submit as technical report, at the time of submission, all conference or journal papers they write).
  2. a scientific work that you have published somewhere. Please notice that there might be some copyright issues!!! In any case, you should be aware that the copyright notice of the technical report goes like this:
              The authors take full responsibility for any copyright
     	  breaches that may result from publication of this paper in
     	  the IRIDIA -- Technical Report Series.  IRIDIA is not
     	  responsible for any use that might be made of data appearing
     	  in this publication.
  3. the dirty details of an algorithm that no scientific journal would ever wish to publish.
  4. the whole set of results of an experimental analysis with all plots and all tables.
  5. the manual of a computer program that you have written.

Note that not only the works that are submitted and/or published can be registered as technical reports.

You should consider a report registered in the IRIDIA -- Technical Report Series as a publication in itself.

How to cite an IRIDIA technical report?

Here's an example:

    author =      {M. Birattari and M. L{\'o}pez-Ib{\'a}{\~n}ez and A. Brutschy },
    title =       "The {IridiaTrCover} package for \LaTeX:
                   How to typeset documents for the 
                   IRIDIA -- Technical Report Series",
    institution = {IRIDIA, Universit\'e Libre de Bruxelles},
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    number =      {TR/IRIDIA/2005-006},
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How to register a technical report?

If you have a scientific or technical document that you think fits into the description given in the above section #What is a suitable technical report?, you might consider registering it in the IRIDIA -- Technical Report Series. This is the procedure you should follow:

  1. Double check that your document is indeed suitable for being registered in the IRIDIA -- Technical Report Series! If you are a Ph.D. student, check with your supervisor.
  2. Login into the IRIDIA Technical Report homepage or, if you are not yet registered, ask for a registration to the system. Note that, once you asked for a registration, you need to wait for your request to be accepted by an administrator before being able to use the system.
  3. Once logged, click on "New Technical Report" from the menu.
  4. Insert all the required fields (title, list of authors, latex versions of the title and the list of authors) and upload your paper. Note that the cover pages are added to your paper directly by the system. Do not submit documents that have been typeset with the LaTeX IridiaTrCover package.
  5. Before submitting a document double check that all the inserted data strictly follow the instructions on the web page.

The new technical report will be announced on the internal mailing list of IRIDIA, and it will be automatically published on the web.

  • DO NOT submit a document unless the document you want to register is already written, well formatted and ready to be distributed. Once a document is submitted it cannot be deleted!
  • DO NOT ask to register your technical report with a date that is not the one in which you indeed register it.

How to submit a revised version of a technical report?

Whenever you feel like submitting a revised version of a technical report of yours, just follow the same instructions of #How to register a technical report? with the difference that, once logged, you need to look for your technical report in the homepage and click to the "Upload New Revision" link.

A revised version will contain a "revision history" on the copyright page. Please read #Numbering of the IRIDIA -- Technical Report Series to understand what a revision history is. You should also have a look at the documentation of the LaTeX IridiaTrCover package.

Numbering of the IRIDIA -- Technical Report Series

The number of a technical report is composed by the string "TR/IRIDIA/" followed by the year (4 digits), a hyphen and then a progressive number (3 digits, possibly left-padded with zeros). The first technical report of year XXXX gets the number TR/IRIDIA/XXXX-001, the second TR/IRIDIA/XXXX-002, and so on.

This is the number that appears on the cover of a technical report together with the date.

A technical report might be revised. The first version of a technical report is revision number 001. Revision numbers are made of 3 digits, possibly left-padded with zeros.

If you wish to refer to revision ZZZ of technical report YYY registered in year XXXX, the number you should use is "TR/IRIDIA/XXXX-YYY.ZZZ". Remember the zero-padding!!!

In general, TR/IRIDIA/XXXX-YYY refers to the most recent revision available. When you cite a technical report, do not include the revision number. The revision number should be included only if you wish to refer to a specific revision or if you wish to point out differences between revisions---e.g., "revision TR/IRIDIA/XXXX-YYY.002 contained a stupid mistake that has been corrected in following revisions".

In any case, the cover does not report the revision number, and the date is always the one of the first revision, i.e., the version originally submitted.

The revision history appears on the copyright page. A technical report that is a revision of a previously submitted one must always feature the revision history on the copyright page.

A technical report is uniquely identified by its number. So a new revision can have a different title and also different authors---e.g., different order, one author added, one removed, etc.

Anyway, if the title and/or the author list changes and/or if the technical report undergoes really MAJOR-MAJOR-MAJOR modifications, please submit a new technical report.

File name conventions

The PDF file of a technical report should have a name that matches the following pattern: IridiaTrXXXX-YYYrZZZ.pdf where XXXX is the year, YYY is the number, and ZZZ is the revision. Remember zero-padding number and revision! The original version is the very first revision and, hence, it contains the revision number 001 in its name.

If you submit a technical report (very first version) and Muriel gave you number TR/IRIDIA/XXXX-YYY, you should send to the email address <> a PDF file called IridiaTrXXXX-YYYr001.pdf (include the revision number!). If you revise the report, the PDF of the revised version will be called IridiaTrXXXX-YYYr002.pdf and so on.

Where to find the LaTeX IridiaTrCover package?

The most recent version of the LaTeX IridiaTrCover package is IridiaTrCover-2.0-r11.tar.gz

How to use the IridiaTrCover.sty for LaTeX?

Read the technical report TR/IRIDIA/2005-006

  The IridiaTrCover package for LaTeX: 
  How to typeset documents for the IRIDIA -- Technical Report Series

The IridiaTrCover package contains also the technical report and its source file.

What if you are not able to use LaTeX?

If you are not able to use LaTeX, you can produce your technical report in PDF format and ask then Eric or Sabrina to generate a cover page and to prefix it to your file. Apart from this step, please follow the other steps described above for registering your technical report.