Project Overview

The COMP2SYS Early Stage Training project focuses on the training of early stage researchers to the use of Computational Intelligence techniques for the treatment of complex systems in science and engineering. The programme aims at developing the knowledge and skills necessary to solve complex problems using the powerful emergent methods and tools of Computational Intelligence, examples of which are swarm intelligence, machine learning and evolutionary computation. COMP2SYS is designed for early stage researchers from a wide range of disciplines, to enable them to apply these important technologies effectively within their own disciplines.

The training programme addresses the following complementary goals:

  • give the early stage researchers the opportunity to embark in an innovative research direction in the field of Computational Intelligence;
  • promote an interdisciplinary environment for the development and testing of novel effective computational techniques;
  • train early stage researchers about the role of Computational Intelligence in understanding, modeling and treating complexity in real-world systems.

The training programme will interest two profiles of early stage researchers:

  • Grant holders: they will spend a research period of 3 years at ULB-IRIDIA. They are expected to enroll as doctoral students in the doctoral program of ULB.
  • Young visiting scientists: typically they are doctoral students of other universities who are pursuing their doctorate on a topic related to Computational Intelligence. Occasionally they can be early stage researchers in companies research labs. Their typical stay at ULB-IRIDIA will last for a period of time ranging from 6 to 12 months. Shorter visits, 3 to 6 months, might occasionally be considered.

The training programme will cover the foundations of Computational Intelligence techniques, their practical implementation as computing tools and their real-world application to many areas of strategic importance in the fields of business, finance, management, commerce, engineering, healthcare and the environment. The strength of the training method resides in its specific focus on state-of-the-art Computational Intelligence techniques and on the substantial research expertise of the staff involved, with respect to both the fundamental aspects of the technologies and their industrial application.

Through the national and international research activities of the training team in this fast-developing field, students will be exposed to the most up-to-date knowledge available. Through the close interaction of the team with industry, students will be made fully aware of the opportunities and problems in bringing these technologies to bear on practical problems and in fully integrating them into industrial and business processes.

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