ANTS 2006
Fifth International Workshop on
Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence
September 2006. Brussels, Belgium
With gracious support by:
Coomunaute Francais
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Oral Presentations

Some of the full length papers have been selected for oral presentation by one of the authors. Click here for the schedule of the presentations.

Guidelines for the oral presentations:

  • Each speaker will have 15 minutes + questions for presenting his work.
  • A beamer and an overhead projector will be available.
  • B.Y.O.L. (Bring your own laptop!)
    Since the organizers are unable to provide a laptop to the participants, those who intend to use the beamer should bring their own laptop.
  • Papers that are presented orally will also be presented in the poster session (see below)

Poster Presentations

At ANTS 2006 all papers will be presented in the poster sessions. For every paper, this happens in two steps: First, the paper will be introduced in a short highlight presentation by one of the authors; the paper will then be discussed during the poster session. Click here for the schedule of the presentations.

Guidelines for the highlight presentations:

  • Each speaker will have 3 minutes to give a highlight of his work using a single slide. The one slide limit is strict. No time for questions is scheduled: questions will be addressed in the poster sessions.
  • NOTE: Please could you make sure that the ANTS Organising Committee receives an electronic copy of the slide you will use before August 27th 2006.
    We will preload this slide onto an ANTS 2006 computer and project it for you during your presentation.

Guidelines for the posters:

  • Each poster sessions will last 2 hours.
  • The poster boards will have a dimension of 2x0.95m (height x width). Material to fix the poster will be available. The suggested format is a A0, that is, 1189x841mm (height x width)

Internet connection

At the ANTS 2006 workshop a wireless network and public internet access points will be made available to participants.

Wireless network

A wireless network that conforms to IEEE 802.11b/g standard will be provided. Network parameters on your computer will be automatically configured via the Dynamic Host Communication Protocol (DHCP).

Public Internet Access Points

One computer connected to the Internet will be available for checking emails.

Further Practical Info

Information on the electrical system

The electrical power system in Belgium follows the EU standard of 230V. The electric power frequency is 50Hz (alternating current). The official plug is the E style (round pin plug and receptacle with male grounding pin).
To have more information on the electrical system click here.