About me

Hi, my name is Christian Leonardo Camacho Villalón. I am a PhD student at IRIDIA, the Artificial Intelligence research laboratory of the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Academic Formation

  • (2014-2016) Master of Sciences And Information Technologies (Computational Intelligence)
    Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
    Research topic: Multi-objective portfolios optimization
    Thesis abstract: In my Master's Thesis, I tackled the portfolio selection problem (PSP). The PSP is a multiobjective optimization problem that consists in finding the optimal portfolio, that is, the portfolio that gives the highest return (gain) with the lowest risk (variation of the return). In this work, I reported the results obtained by an hybrid multiobjective optimization algorithm that is based in the bacterial foraging optimization algorithm (BFO), to which I have integrated the population based incremental learning (PBIL) approach.

  • (2007-2012) Bachelor in Informatics (Software engineering) -
    Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México