IRIDIA cluster installation

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This page contains a more or less complete guide on how to reinstall the IRIDIA cluster from scratch.

Architecture What nodes are in the cluster and how they are organized.
The boot process Information on how the two types of nodes boot.
Stopping the cluster and backup How to stop the cluster and what files to backup (IMPORTANT) before reinstalling everything.
Installing an OS on the servers How to install Debian on the servers.
Basic server daemons How to install DHCP, apt-cacher, AIDE, NIS, firewalls, Sun Grid Engine
Installing the diskless nodes How to install the diskless nodes, kernel compilation, PXE boot, TFTP etc.
Installing the nodes with disks How to install Fully Automated Installation (FAI) on the servers in order to get the nodes with disks up and running.
Installing PVM and MPI How to install the parallel programming middleware PVM and MPI.
Maintenance Installing new software, keeping the systems secure, etc.
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