Research projects

    GbO – Guaranteed by Otimization Principal investigator of the Action de Recherche Concertée aiming at generating automatically robotics systems with guaranteed dynamical properties 2020 – 2025
  • SwarmSim Principal investigator of the crédit d'équipement F.R.S.–FNRS aiming at realizing a simulation environment for the automatic off-line design of robot swarms 2020 – 2021
  • Demiurge Principal investigator of the project on the automatic design of robot swarms selected for funding by the European Research Council via an ERC Consolidator Grant 2016 – 2022

Past research projects

  • ASCENS Member of the project on autonomic service-component ensembles funded by the European Union within the Future and Emerging Technologies (IST-FET) program 2010 – 2015
  • Swarm-Morph Research director of the project on robot morphogenesis funded by the Fonds de la Recherche Fondamentale Collective (FRFC) of the French Community of Belgium 2009 – 2013
  • Meta-X Main investigator of the action de recherche concertée (ARC) on metaheuristics for complex optimization problems funded by the French Community of Belgium 2008 – 2013
  • SWARMANOID Member of the scientific committee of the future and emerging technologies project funded by the European Commission 2006 – 2010
  • Evolving a Collective Consciousness for a Swarm of Pico-Satellites Member of the project funded by the Ariadna initiative of the European Space Agency 2007
  • COMP2SYS Member of the training staff of the early stage researchers training site funded by the European Commission within the Marie Curie Actions program 2004 – 2008
  • ANTS Member of the action de recherche concertée (ARC) on the theoretical and experimental analysis of ant algorithms, funded by the French Community of Belgium 2003 – 2008
  • METAHEURISTICS Grant holder in the training and research network on metaheuristics funded by the European Commission 2000 – 2004
  • FAMIMO Contribution to the Esprit project funded by the European Commission, through the implementations of local techniques for nonlinear prediction and control 1996 – 1998
  • MARCH Participation in the action de recherche concertée (ARC) on pattern recognition funded by the French Community of Belgium 1998 – 2002
  • Masterfood Collaboration with the research center of Masterfood for the prediction of market indices using lazy learning techniques 1997 – 1999
  • D'Ieteren Lazy learning techniques for predicting the annual amount of sales of a Belgian retailer, on the basis of historical data 1998
  • FaFer Usinor Lazy learning for modeling the rolling mill process of the steel company FaFer in Charleroi, Belgium. FIRST Project funded by the Walloon Region, Belgium 1997 – 1999
  • Honeywell Collaboration on a data mining project with Honeywell Technology in Minneapolis, MN, USA, and in Prague, Czech Republic 1997
  • Tractebel Feasibility study for the adoption of local lazy learning techniques for forecasting electrical loads. In collaboration with the Belgian electric power company 1997