What you need to begin to work in IRIDIA

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A number of resources need to be "activated" in order to begin to work in IRIDIA.

  • BACKUP server. Contact the system administrator of the IRIDIA's backup server (currently Alex CAMPO).
  • CLUSTER server. Contact the system administrator of the IRIDIA's cluster (currently Carlo PINCIROLI).

You have to subscribe to the following IRIDIA mailing lists:

In order not to be submerged by spam, most of the lists accept posts only from email addresses that are in the subscribers list... meaning that if you subscribed to the Staff list with the address xxx@iridia.ulb.ac.be and try to send a message from your other addresses xxx@ulb.ac.be or xyz@gmail.com they will be discarded by the system. If you have experienced such a problem, or want to be allowed to post from your other addresses, please contact the list owner providing the list of addresses to be added to the "white-list" .