Volker - Comments of Marco, Yasu, Gaetan, and Ken

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General comments

  • I talk a lot about money and financial value; I should make clearer what the actual benefits of the blockchain are
  • Make very clear how exactly I will use the blockchain (e.g., Is there still local communication involved? What does the blockchain exactly store and do?)
  • Don't say ARGoS, just say robotics simulator
  • Check slide numbers on all slides; don't use a new number per slide
  • Don't use "maybe we can find a way" but "I will study the possibility of..."
  • Discussion about if using the public blockchain is still decentralized or centralized
  • Don't say that I will use "Blockchain as a service": it sounds like the problem is already solved; also using the private blockchain fits more into the decentralization aspect
  • Change quotation marks (risk-free)
  • Take consistent pictures from the robotics area and don't use random Google images File:Secure.jpg Malicious.jpg

Ideas for answers

  • What are differences between using a private blockchain and the public blockchain?
    • Pro for private blockchain
      • More control for the private blockchain (e.g., the rate of block updates)
      • Fully decentralized
    • Cons for private blockchain
      • If you destroy the robots, the information is gone
      • No real financial value involved