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The general inscription building is building S, which you can find on the plan of the Campus du Solbosch. You have to enter the building and find the blue door which is the one to enter the office responsible for registration of new PhD students. Depending on the time of the year (i.e., how crowded that building is) you will either have to pick a number and wait until you can enter, or you can directly go to the blue door and put yourself in the queue. In general, for the first registration for the doctorate/DEA you need the following documents (it is possible that the rules changed and that therefore you require more documents or that some of the listed documents are not required any more. To be sure you can ask in the inscription office.):

  • The document "DEMANDE D'ADMISSION".
  • 5 Euros
  • 1 photo (size like ID card)
  • Official certificate of the nationality (copy of the ID card is sufficient)
  • Letter of motivation (&lt 1 page A4) where you state the reasons that you want to make a PhD at IRIDIA
  • PhD Thesis Plan (about 1 page A4) where you describe a provisional plan of your PhD.
  • Certificate of your university degree
  • A list of all your exams and your obtained results in these exams
  • A list of the content of the courses you followed (in worst case this has to be translated)
  • 1 copy of your Master Thesis
  • Certificate about the inscription to universities in the last 5 years (copy of your student cards is sufficient). In case you worked you need a certificate about your professional activity.

Note that all copies have to be verified by an official of the university. If nothing changed this is Mr Jeffery who you can find in the first hall when you enter the inscription building (S). This verification is free of charge and for ULB proportions rather uncomplicated. You just go to him with the original and the copies and he puts a stamp on the copy to verify it.

One important point to add is that, when you register for the DEA/doctorate, you should at the same time ask for the "étalement", that is, the permission to make the DEA in two years instead of one. No additional costs are related to this. All you have to do is to fill in a document.

IMPORTANT: Remember to photo copy everything that you submit to the inscription office so that you have an exact record of everything that has been submitted. There is a good chance that having these copies will make your life a lot easier next time you have to go to the inscription office.


The cost of inscription is a function of the type of insription you get (this is a decision of a commission of the faculty that is taken after careful examination of your CV as submitted at the time of inscroption) . The cost increases slightly every year. The following are the costs for academic year 2003-2004:

Description Type Cost
1st inscription: Inscriptions only to DEA: 726 EUR
Inscriptions to DEA+doctorat: 726 EUR if partial DEA (i.e., without Part A)

726 + 215 EUR if full DEA

Inscriptions from 2nd year on: If reinscription after successful DEA: 29 EUR
If in the first year the inscription was to DEA only (i.e., not DEA+Doctorat): 726 EUR
If you fail the DEA (this has never happened at IRIDIA!) after inscription to DEA+Doctorat: next year pay 29 EUR + 244 if full reinscription to DEA or 0 if partial reinscription to DEA

DEA General information

The program requires one year of study. Candidate doctors are allowed to spread their formation on two years. In that case the request, with the program annexed, must be submitted for approbation to the Commission de l'Enseignement de la Faculté.

General information


Le programme des études approfondies en sciences appliquées comporte des enseignements empruntés à des enseignements complémentaires, approfondis ou spécialisés. Le contenu du programme est proposé par un professeur de la Faculté des Sciences appliquées patronnant le candidat et soumis avant la fin de la 3e semaine de cours pour approbation à la Commission de l'Enseignement de la Faculté. Ce programme comprend trois parties:

Partie A

Une formation de base (minimum 12,5 ECTS) constituée d'enseignements empruntés à des enseignements complémentaires, approfondis ou spécialisés de la Faculté des Sciences appliquées. En cas d'étalement, cette partie constitue la matière de la première année.

Example of Letter for DEA Part A

For those who are not exonerated from Part A:

List of courses given at ULB - Applied Science Faculty

Partie B

La participation active à des séminaires (minimum 2,5 ECTS par an). La participation active à un colloque et à des séminaires d'une école doctorale peut être valorisée. Le candidat communiquera la liste des séminaires (intitulé, durée,…) auxquels il a participé, au président du jury restreint devant lequel il défendra son travail de spécialisation.

File:DEA Part B.pdf

Partie C

L'exécution d'un travail de spécialisation (équivalent à 10 ECTS), la rédaction et la défense d'un mémoire se rapportant à ce travail. En cas d'étalement, cette défense fera partie de la deuxième année.

La Commission de l'Enseignement de la Faculté peut dispenser certains candidats au D.E.A. de la Partie A de la formation, sur la base des acquis antérieurs ou des titres scientifiques. Cette demande de dispense éventuelle accompagnera la proposition de programme soumise à la Commission de l'Enseignement de la Faculté.

Cette dispense sera automatique pour les porteurs du grade académique d'ingénieur civil, bio-ingénieur obtenu avec au moins une distinction.

Example of letter for DEA Part C

The title of the DEA thesis must be submitted by 11th March. The document with which to do this can be found here

The DEA thesis must be submitted either in May or in August. The dates are respectively either the 9th May or the 16th August.

If you have questions, ask Madame Vermer on extension 2851

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