The ODE based simulator

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What is the ODE simulator?

The ODE based simulator was written by student David Tradinh.

It now lives in a subversion (cvs clone) repository on IRIDIA.

Here are two links to older pages relating to the simulator and ODE in general:

Checking out the code

To check out the code you will first need the subversion source code control system.

On debian this is simply done by:

> apt-get subversion

You will then need to check out the repository.

> svn checkout svn+ssh://<username>


  • svn tunnels over ssh so you will already need an account on IRIDIA - just use your standard username and password
  • You will have to enter your password a couple of times on initial checkout.

Compiling the code

Compilation instructions can be found in the INSTALL file at the top level of the source tree.

Running the simulator

Running instructions can be found in pdf in the doc dir of the source tree.