Task Abstraction Module

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Task Abstraction Module

Related pages

* List of TAMs
* List of publications using the TAM
* Description of hardware
* See http://arnuschky.github.io/iridia-tam/ for final "release" info
* Supplementary materials: http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/supp/IridiaSupp2012-002/

How-to cite

Will change soon.

  Author =      {Arne Brutschy and Giovanni Pini and Nadir Baiboun and Antal Decugni{\`e}re and Mauro Birattari},
  Title =       {The {IRIDIA} \textsf{TAM}: A device for task abstraction for the e-puck robot},
  Institution = {IRIDIA, Universit\'e Libre de Bruxelles},
  Year =        {2010},
  Number =      {TR/IRIDIA/2010-015},
  Address =     {Brussels, Belgium},

Sources/GIT repositories

The coordinator


Write a controller


The Firmware


Flash a TAM


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