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Christos Ampatzis

Prasanna Balaprakash

Yann-ael Le Borgne

Alexandre Campo

Homepage :

Ph.D. studies started : 19.10.2004

Supervisor: Marco Dorigo

Co-supervisor: Jean-Louis Deneubourg

Comité d'accompagnement: Marco Dorigo, Jean-Louis Deneubourg, Alcherio Martinoli

Plan (future work)

History (past work)

Anders Lyhne Christensen

Roderich Gross

Thomas Halva Labella

Max Manfrin

Plan (future work)

History (past work)

Marco A. Montes de Oca

Shervin Nouyan

Rehan O'Grady

Christophe Philemotte

Vito Trianni

Federico Vicentini