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What is version control?

Version control is a standard software development tool, which automaticall keeps track of changes in your code.

This means that you can view previous versions of your code, and do diffs:

  1. I know that this function was working last thursday - I want to see how it looked back then.
  2. Yesterday this was working, today it isn't - what have I changed?

What is the Sbot Common Repository?

Very simple - just a place where all of us can store our files of whatever nature, so that they are under version control, backed up and visible to each other.

This also means that rather than emailing around code segments, we can just say - check out my controller xxxx, function sound_trap().

Common Repository Howto

  1. Install subversion.
    • apt-get install subversion
  2. Checkout common interface from repository
    • svn checkout svn+ssh://<your iridia username>
  3. Now you just need 3 commands
    1. svn add <file/directory> Adds a file to the repository.
    2. svn commit <filen/directory> takes a snapshot of all your files. (recursively if a directory)
    3. svn update <file/directory> gets the latest version from the server (e.g. of common tools)
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