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What is this page?

This page contains an up to date list of the status of the IRIDIA sbots. Please update with any problems or other info you find for each s-bot.

IMPORTANT - Stay up to date with How_to_avoid_damage_to_the_s-bot.

(Info on recharging with new circuit board recently added).

Quick status update

  • All 13 sbots in IRIDIA

20th Aug 2006

Sbots in IRIDIA

sbot 8

sbot 9

Check battery levels with volt meter before switching on.

rehan - 25th April 2006

sbot 13

ok (Acampo 14:19, 5 March 2006 (CET))

sbot 19

sbot 23

ir sensor 11 bent inwards. Needs dismantling to fix. Doable by Rehan in IRIDIA.

(rogrady 20 August 2006 (CET))


  • Gripper will not open or close
  • Grinding noise when doing turret rotation

(rogrady 14:19, 5 March 2006 (CET))

sbot 30

  • Perspex turret has a bad fit onto camera. Means hard to get consistent centre for libsboteye.

sbot 32

sbot 35

traction sensor not properly working (y negative semiaxis not sensitive at all) --vito 21:43, 20 June 2006 (CEST)

sbot 36

The turret is backwards - don't use this s-bot. Rehan has to open it to determine which way to rotate the turret back in the correct position.

sbot 22

sbot 6

sbot 26

  • Still having network issues after Lausanne checkup ??

Sbots in Lausanne