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The goal of this page is maintaining an updated list of the status of the s-bots in IRIDIA For each s-bot, a short list of hardware/software problems should be given. Every time an error/problem occurs while experimenting with the s-bots, it *must* be recorded here.

Common hardware problems

The following document list common hardware problems and their solutions:

When something happens to the s-bots (French, pdf)

sbot 9

  • network problems. Often it does not get the wireless
  • New recharger circuit is broken. DO NOT USE.
    • (In fact can recharge manually using old recharge point - need to manually check voltage on batteries and stop recharging yourself, otherwise sbot WILL EXPLODE. Do not do this unless you are confident you know what you are doing).

sbot 13


sbot 22


sbot 23


sbot 26


sbot 35


New chargers and robots

Report here a pair of robot / charger that worked well.

charger sbot9 sbot13 sbot22 sbot23 sbot26 sbot35
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