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List of Robots at IRIDIA

Access to the robots


Bluetooth is the preferred access method for the e-pucks.


(to be added)


Wifi is the preferred access method for the sbots.


In short: How to access?

Drop the following aliases into ~/.ssh/config. Afterwards you are able to connect to the desired sbot simply by using 'ssh sbot8' for example, whereas the number is the same as on the sbots.

# SSH config for the IRIDIA sbots.
# In order to connect to the ssh daemon on the sbots, you have to connect
# to the sbot access point '' using a specific port.
# The connection is then forwarded to port 22 on the requested sbot.
# This definitions are aliases for easier access. The numbers are the
# same as on the sbots.
host sbot3
    port 20322
    user root
host sbot5
    port 20522
    user root
host sbot6
    port 20622
    user root
host sbot8
    port 20822
    user root
host sbot9
    port 20922
    user root
host sbot13
    port 21322
    user root
host sbot14
    port 21422
    user root
host sbot19
    port 21922
    user root
host sbot22
    port 22222
    user root
host sbot23
    port 22322
    user root
host sbot24
    port 22422
    user root
host sbot26
    port 22622
    user root
host sbot27
    port 22722
    user root
host sbot30
    port 23022
    user root
host sbot32
    port 23222
    user root
host sbot35
    port 23522
    user root
host sbot36
    port 23622
    user root
Technical Details

The robots connect to a dedicated wireless network upon boot. They receive static private IP addresses from the access point. An individual robot can be accessed from the outside by accessing a special port on the access point. For example, the following can be used for accessing sbot8 using ssh:

$ ssh -p 20822
Wireless link

Access point:

  • SSID: sbot
  • WEP-104 key
    • ASCII: swarm-bots-ch
    • HEX: 737761726d2d626f74732d6368

Access to Ports < 100: port=[prefix][robotnum][port]

Example: access to ssh (port 22) on sbot8: 20822

  • sbots: port prefix 2
    • port 20622: ssh access to sbot6
    • port 20822: ssh access to sbot8
    • port 20922: ssh access to sbot9
    • port 21322: ssh access to sbot13
    • port 21922: ssh access to sbot19
    • port 22222: ssh access to sbot22
    • port 22322: ssh access to sbot23
    • port 22422: ssh access to sbot24
    • port 22622: ssh access to sbot26
    • port 23022: ssh access to sbot30
    • port 23222: ssh access to sbot32
    • port 23522: ssh access to sbot35
    • port 23622: ssh access to sbot36
Private IP Addresses

Network: Gateway:

  • sbots: 192.168.1.[10+robotnum] (

Serial Console

I (Arne) made two serial console access cables. They are marked with sbot serial console access and should be flying around in the arena. Connect the small red plug to the sbot connector on the left of the power-on switch. It's slightly under the microphone board, so you might want to remove it (but you can do without). The program of choice for connect to the robot is minicom. Use

$ minicom -s

for setting it up. The connection details are: 115kbaud, 8N1, no flow control. Your port should be /dev/ttyS0 if you have a real serial port, or /dev/ttyUSB0 if you're using the USB-to-serial adapter (should be flying around in the arena as well). Then, use

$ minicom -o

to connect to the robot. Upon bootup, you should see the kernel messages. If you connected after booting, you might have to press <ENTER> one time to get a prompt. Please note that you might have to be root to use minicom.

Swarmanoid robots