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# Presentation
# Presentation (20 - 30 mins)
# Discussion
# Discussion (20 - 40 mins)
# Administration
# Administration (0 - 30 mins)
==Timing & Attendance==
==Timing & Attendance==

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This page contains a schedule for the weekly meetings. Below are a few general rules that should make the whole thing run smoothly:

  1. Community. Keep everyone updated as to what other work is going on in the lab
  2. Research. Cross germinate ideas - Provide feedback. Get Ideas
  3. Admin. Lab administration.


  1. Presentation (20 - 30 mins)
  2. Discussion (20 - 40 mins)
  3. Administration (0 - 30 mins)

Timing & Attendance

The weekly meetings ALWAYS take place on

Wednesdays at 14.30


  • A given Wednesday is a public holiday, or
  • Something very important (like a Ph.D. defense) is overlapping.

If either should happen the meeting is postponed to the next day.

Please confirm on this wiki page as early as possible whether or not you can attend (no later than the Friday before).

If you fail to turn up you will be severely punished and you will be forced to buy a nice, big cake for the following meeting.

Schedule 2005:

Date Presenter Topic Agenda Absent

Wednesday 19th October

Alexandre Multi-task allocation?
  • Discussion of this scheme
  • Something else.

Wednesday 26th October

(Elio would like this changed to the 25th)


Wednesday 2nd November


Wednesday 9th November


Wednesday 16th November


Wednesday 23rd November


Wednesday 30th November


Wednesday 7th December


Wednesday 14th December


Wednesday 19th October - Alexandre

Discussion topic:

Adminstrative topics:

Attending: Rehan Anders

Can't make it:

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