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Recent news

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E-SWARM: Engineering Swarm Intelligence Systems.

E-SWARM is a project funded by the European Research Council - Advanced Grants program of the European Union (Grant 246939). The main case studies have been chosen in the domains of optimization and robotics. In the robotics case study, we study the use of swarm intelligence as a tool to develop controllers for swarms of cooperating robots. The principles of swarm intelligence are employed in swarm robotics for the design of robot controllers at the individual level so as to obtain effective swarm-level behavioral strategies. We will focus on swarm behaviors characterized by the coordination and cooperation of the members of a group of robots to accomplish tasks that are beyond the capabilities of a single robot.

Past news

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Swarmanoid: Towards Humanoid Robotic Swarms.

The Swarmanoid project proposes a highly innovative way to build robots that can successfully and adaptively act in human made environments. The Swarmanoid project will be the first to study how to design, realise and control a heterogeneous swarm robotic system capable of operating in a fully 3-dimensional environment. The main scientific objective of the proposed research is the design, implementation and control of a novel distributed robotic system comprising heterogeneous, dynamically connected small autonomous robots so as to form what we call a swarmanoid. The swarmanoid that we intend to build will be comprised of numerous (about 60) autonomous robots of three types: eye-bots, hand-bots, and foot-bots.