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Icon warning.png The proceedings moved out to the web server! However, keep copies of the proceedings that you care about somewhere safe.

IRIDIA has a proceedings repository that contains digital copies of proceedings.


They are two ways to get access to the proceedings.

Directly on the web server

To get access you need to ask the password to the webserver's administrator.

Then login on iridia

ssh proceedings@iridia

cd ~/public_html


From your browser

Just go to

Icon warning.png Web browser access is currently broken, you'll need to use ssh into the webserver. If you know how to fix this, please contact the web server responsible.

Adding new proceedings

Let's say you want to add the directory /media/cdrom for the conference GECCO 2010.

scp -o PubkeyAuthentication=no -r /media/cdrom

ssh proceedings@iridia ./update_permissions