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Plan (future work)

  • Getting a PhD


  • Thesis and Defense

Things to do

Title/Identifier Action Deadline Status:
Marie Curie Intra-European abstract/title for registration - |
Marie Curie Intra-European proposal in progress |
Marie Curie Intra-European 2-3 references to be asked for |
DAAD Fellowship - not started |

Papers to write

Title/Identifier Journal/Conference targeted Deadline Status:
Cooperation through self-assembling in multi-robot systems thesis section (part 1/2) & ACM TAAS - accepted; revised version sent
Autonomous Self-assembly in Mobile Robotics thesis section & IEEE Trans Robot - conditionally accepted; revised version sent
Self-assembly of Mobile Robots - From Swarm-bot to Super-mechano Colony IAS-9 conference - to appear
The Evolution of Cooperative Transport Behaviors (simulation) thesis section & Evolutionary Computation(?) draft: dec 16, submission: jan started
Overview Paper Self-assembly and its Use PNAS(?) draft: dec 23, submission: jan started
Group Transport Paper (pre-attached robots) thesis section & Autonomous Robots(?) draft: jan, submission: feb not started
Overview Paper Transport & Prey Retrieval N.A. draft: jan, submission: feb not started
Transport of an Object by Six Pre-attached Robots Interacting via Physical Links ICRA 2006 conference Feb 3, 2006 submitted
Object Transport by Modular Robots that Self-assemble ICRA 2006 conference Feb 3, 2006 submitted