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  1. Design Experiment
  2. Fix experiment (Confirmation from Marco)
  3. Build Controller
  4. Do Experiment
  5. Publish

Long Term - Phd Theme

Explore aspects of functional self assembly.
  1. Decision Process
    • Is self-assembly necessary
  2. Structure
    • What is appropriate size for connected groups
    • What is appropriate shape for connected groups
  3. Behaviour
    • What to do when connected (cooperative movement, transport, navigation, etc)?
  4. Timing
    • When should swarm assemble?
    • When should swarm disassemble?

Short Term (~End March 2006)


Conduct new experiment which builds on previous functional self-assembly experiment. Publish results of new experiment and functional self assembly experiment together in journal.


  • Same as previous functional self assembly experiment.
  • ?Robots started in a line one after the other - mimic ant trail?
  • Large group of robots must navigate over hill towards target.
  • If they encounter hill, they aggregate into several two sbot swarmbots (using group size selection mechanism)
  • The two-sbot swarmbots separately navigate the hill into the target zone. (using adaptive swarm rotation to avoid parallel approach)
  • Reuse existing functional self assembly controller. (Published work)
  • Group size selection mechanism to form two sbot swarm bots. (Completely new work)
  • Use adaptive swarm rotation mechanis to avoid parallel approach problem. (Previous unpublished work)

Medium Term (~September 2006)


Further experimentation to add body to Phd / publish.


  • Have sbots detect how difficult an obstacle is and form group size / group pattern accordingly.
  • Start in two sbot swarm configuration. Detect hole. If hole is two big, join with other two sbot team. Form 4 sbot line. Cross hole. Use adaptive swarm rotation throughout.