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Plan (future work)


Things to do

Description Start date Deadline Time required status
Experiments on Empirical Local Search for the homogeneous PTSP 02.11.2005 16.11.2005 ~1 week In progress
Implementation and Experimentation for heterogenous PTSP 15.10.2005 25.11.2005 ~1 week In progress
Intergrating Empirical Local Search with ACO/F-Race and Experiments 01.12.2005 01.01.2005 ~1 month To be started after the previous tasks

Papers to write

Title Journal/Conference targeted Start date Submission deadline
Empirical Local Search European Journal of Operational Research N.A. N.A.
ACO/F-Race and Empirical Local Search IEEE System, Man and Cybernetics N.A N.A