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Plan (future work)

Description Start date Deadline Time required Status
Implementation of some (at least the most influential) variants of PSO. This implementation should be modular and flexible enough to generate ad-hoc PSO versions and incorporate hybrid approaches easily. The language of choice will be C in order to reuse code developed by others. Nov 30, 2005 Dec 15, 2005 (Design); Jan 10, 2006 (Implementation) ~40 days In progress
Propose a PSO variant based on the F-Race technique. If the implementation is modular, it should be possible to consider various aspects such as neighborhood topologies as variables to be tuned and therefore, we could get ad-hoc PSO algorithms for specific applications. Nov 30, 2005 Jan 2, 2006 ~30 days In progress
Comparison of all the different PSO variants and other EC techniques including ACO_R on a variety of benchmark problems. Some of them are already coded and some others are proposed in the literature. This will contrast with previous and current practices in which only a small number of benchmark problems are used. Jan 1, 2006 Jan 31, 2006 ~30 days Not yet started


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Things to do

Description Start date Deadline Time required status
Particle Swarm Optimization Self-study Nov 1, 2005 Continuous process - In progress
Modular design and implementation of some variants of the PSO algorithm Nov 20, 2005 Continuous process - In progress
Preparing material for the Optimization Group meeting Nov 29, 2005 Dec 1, 2005 ~1 day Finished

Papers to write

Title Journal/Conference targeted Start date Submission deadline

Referee activities

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