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Plan (future work)


Things to do

Description Start date Deadline Time required status
finish article on optimal foraging 15.10.2005 25.11.2005 ~1 month work ongoing
Information for getting nationality certificate 22.11.2005 27.11.2005 1 week
Preliminary study for a project for Jeunesse scientifiques 21.11.2005 27.11.2005 1 week
wiki protection 21.11.2005 27.11.2005 1 week move to IRIDIA
prepare proposal for jeunesse scientifiques 25.11.2005 05.12.2005 ~10 days work ongoing
start experiments on real robots for optimal foraging 01.12.2005 01.01.2006 ~1 month not started
Nationality certificate for FRIA 22.11.2005 21.12.2005 1 month

Papers to write

Title Journal/Conference targeted Start date Submission deadline
Optimal foraging theory applied to swarm robotics Autonomous robots 15.10.2005 25.11.2005
Optimal foraging theory applied to swarm robotics SAB 15.11.2005 20.03.2006