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Responsible and Keys

The current responsible for photo and video material is: Gabriele Valentini

The current supervisor of the responsible for photo and video material is: Mauro Birattari

There are 3 keys of the shelf containing the photo/video material. If and only if you cannot find the responsible around at IRIDIA, you can still ask for the key to:

  • Mauro Birattari
  • Marco Dorigo

Notice that, in this case, you must inform the responsible of photo and video material by email, specifying all the tools that you have taken.

How to use the material

In order to use the photo/video material provided by the lab you have simply to book it and to take care about it as long as it is assigned to you. Read the following sections for more detailed information.

How to book the material

The material can be booked, in advance or the same day you need it if available, simply asking to the responsible of photo and video material. The responsible will help you choosing the better tools for your purposes and will show you how to use them properly. Once you have the tools, you are responsible for that material! Even if you did not personally caused possible damages.

Notice that, to prevent a misuse of the tools and their damage, the booking period cannot exceed 20 days. You can always renew your booking at anytime before the end of the booking period, if the tools were not already requested by another user at that time.

In case you forget to return the booked material at the end of the booking period, you can expect the material to disappear from the arena and to magically reappear in its shelf or to be assigned to another user. Notice that, even if the responsible will not systematically erase the memory cards, you may still lose your data simply because another user is using that memory card.

Did you break something?

In case the material assigned to you get damaged, by you or by others, you must inform the responsible of photo and video material as soon as possible. The responsible will evaluate the damage and will discuss possible solutions with the supervisor.

In case the tools need to be substituted or repaired, the responsible will guide you in taking care of this task. That is, you may be asked to take care of the process of substituting/sending to repair the damaged tools. Except for very special cases of improper use of the material, (e.g., you were using the Autopole2 for a private lap-dance with weird people and exotic animals), you will not be asked to pay for nothing. So, don't worry and inform the responsible as soon as possible!

Photo/Video material

FIFO Queue:

  • Touraj - Booked 11.03.13 - From 11.03 to 15.03 - V1, S5
  • Gabriele - Booked 10.02.13 - From 14.05 to 18.05 - V1-2, S1-3, S5-6
Code Description Booked by Booked until
(P1) Nikon D80 Nikon D80 Camera
(P2) AF-S 18-105mm AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-105 mm 1:3.5-5.6G ED VR
(P3) AF-S 18-135mm AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-135 mm 1:3.5-5.6G ED
(P4) Canon IXUS 220 HS Digital Compact Camera

Code Description Booked by Booked until
(V1) Sony HDR-AX2000 High-Definition Handycam Camcorder
(V2) 0.43X Digital Concepts 72mm 0.43X Super Wide Angle Lens with Macro
(V3) Sony DSR-PD170P Sony DVCAM
(V4) Sony VCL-HG0758 VCL-HG0758 58mm High Grade 0.7x Wide Angle Lens

Tripods and other supports
Code Description Booked by Booked until
(S1) Manfrotto 432-3,7B Autopole black (210-370 cm) with differentiated load
(S2) Manfrotto 143RC Magic arm with quick release plate
(S3) Manfrotto 035C Universal Super Clamp with ratchet handle
(S4) Manfrotto 035WDG Set of 4 wedges for super clamp
(S5) Manfrotto 190XDB + 804RC2 Photo kit with 804RC2 Head, 190XDB Tripod
(S6) Velbon Sherpa 600R Tripod with 3-Way Pan Head Kit